Vox Partners with Bridgestone to Bring the Tyre Manufacturer an Effective, Reliable Wifi Solution

Monday, September 17th, 2018

Vox is proud to announce that it has officially become the WiFi provider for Bridgestone South Africa. The tyre manufacturer have recently overhauled their IT solution under the guidance of IT Manager, Ryan Crawford.

He explains, “Bridgestone’s focus has been on infrastructure and getting from both a server network in communications up to a reasonable and stable level. We have a relatively small IT team and IT spend compared to some of our competitors so there is a lot of room to grow in the department.

“We have recently shifted our operating model, and we want to build a valued service. So where possible, we want to partner with companies like Vox in terms of providing this service and move as much as we can from a capex to an opex model.”

Crawford also explains that the company are upgrading their wide area network – and that’s where Vox comes in. “Our new headquarters in Waterford, Johannesburg will be fully-WiFi enabled where all the devices that connect will only be WiFi devices – this will be everything from printers to laptops,” he says. “We are also looking to replace the last-remaining desktops so we can move away from the wired LAN connection for the office space.”

Crawford explains that the company’s head office currently does have WiFi, but they haven’t been satisfied with the solution. “The APNs aren’t the greatest as they aren’t positioned very well. But more importantly, we don’t have a means to monitor and control our WiFi which has been a challenge.”

Bridgestone were first introduced to Vox via our integrated WiFi-solution, Ruckus, that’s currently implemented at the company’s Brits site.

“My IT engineer informed me that the Vox solution is stable and reliable,” says Crawford. “That was the clincher. He said it’s the best he’s come across which is why we made the decision to implement it at our head office, too.

“The Vox solution is appealing not only because its technology is superior, but because it offers management control over the WiFi.”  I.e. Vox’s WiFi solution has a reliable AP, as well as a dashboard that gives an IT manager full, nationwide visibility of any access points.

Crawford also explains that the company has plans to rollout Vox’s WiFi solution across its many branches so that customers can also reap the benefits when visiting their stores.



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