DSL Lines

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL) are a cost-effective fixed line solution for reliable internet access. They are called asymmetrical because your download speed is higher than your upload speed. These types of connections are well suited to your regular internet uses – including emailing, browsing, watching videos and social media. VDSL stands for Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line, and delivers a much faster experience. VDSL is ideal for handling both high demand web services like HD streaming, and tasks like VoIP over a single connection. VDSL has only been made available to a small number of locations but is growing as existing infrastructure is upgraded.

How It Works


  • Available infrastrucutre

    Get connected with ADSL ASAP. A widespread and established infrastructure already exists for this type of fixed line connection, meaning minimal waiting.

  • Quality experience

    Fixed line solutions deliver a solid internet connectivity experience, at a reasonably low price point, and are perfect for standard “surfing” for home and business needs.

  • VDSL speed

    VDSL runs over a single flat untwisted or twisted pair of copper wires, with speeds of up to 52Mbit/s downstream and 16Mbit/s upstream.

  • Ready, steady, go

    Line speeds from 10Mbps and up – available in ADSL and VDSL (from 20Mbps) – lend themselves to online gaming, including mass multiplayer online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The ADSL service runs over a standard Telkom analogue phone line (the one with a ‘phone number’).

The customer needs to apply directly to Telkom for the phone line or Vox may apply on behalf of the customer, provided the customer has given Vox proxy to do so on his/her/its behalf by signing the applicable authority forms.

Telkom will always bill you for the phone line (analogue service) portion. Vox may bill you for the ADSL service, or Telkom, this is up to you, the customer.

This depends what service your local Telkom exchange supports. Some exchanges support up to 40Mbps, others only up to 10, or even 4Mbps. You cannot apply for a line which is faster than the Telkom exchange can deliver.

Not necessarily. All Telkom ADSL services are what is called ‘best effort’. This is a nice way of saying, you get what Telkom is capable of delivering. based on the distance from the exchange, the state of the copper cabling, etc. Your service may actually be half of what you are subscribed for in terms of actual speed. E.g. an up to 10Mbps Telkom DSL service may only receive 4.5Mbps actual throughput. Vox is in no way in control of this, nor can we influence the result with Telkom, this is the nature of ADSL in South Africa.

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