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Vox Fibre & Cloud

When we talk about the Cloud, we don’t actually mean the white fluff in the sky.

Your Data has a home in the Cloud, even though you may not realise it, you actually connect to every day. In fact, your data lives in secure centres across the world – and it’s all thanks to the Cloud. But what if accessing that data and the speed at which your business operates could actually be increased?

The Vox Fibre Solution is designed to improve your overall Cloud experience.

  • Fibre is the only connectivity mechanism that matches up with the capabilities of our Cloud.
  • High speed data transmission
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Improved security

By amalgamating Fibre and Cloud, you can enjoy better productivity.  What more could you want?

Covid-19 has changed the way we do business, with home or hybrid models being the future. As such, you require a solution for all eventualities making it simple and easy for your employees to access your information at any time.

We provide advice and guidance to make the journey to the cloud seamless and risk free. We will help you to assess migrate and manage your cloud journey.

How It Works

Features and Benefits

  • The Best Private Connection to Our Cloud

    Our Fibre is the only connectivity mechanism capable of matching up with our Cloud package. It's also the best private secure solution, meaning you'll always enjoy optimum performance.

  • Significantly Improved Overall Performance

    The benefits of Cloud with Fibre are immense, and include better speed, more reliability, increased security and faster connections.

  • Direct Connection to the Internet

    Connect to our high speed fibre network for the best possible connection into our data centre facility, Vox VDC or interconnect into Hyperscalers like Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform.

  • Fully Scalable

    VDC customers benefit from a fully elastic data centre that allows you to grow as you need to with no red tape. Virtualisation empowers you to increase or decrease resources to support peak times.

  • Hosted in Dual Data Centres

    Data is replicated between two data centres enabling redundancy and the ability to build out a Disaster Recovery strategy

  • Secure Hosting for your Infrastructure

    Flexible hosting solutions powered by Teraco offer you the ability to ensure you mission-critical servers are available around-the-clock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a reliable and fast internet connection is vital to a good Cloud experience. Vox Fibre offers the best possible connection into the Vox Cloud ensuring that users can access their data and services in the most efficient way.
Vox Fibre offers a fast and reliable connection into the Cloud so that the migration of data into the Cloud takes the least amount of time. The Vox team uses this connection to make sure a customer has no downtime and more importantly no data loss.
Vox is an integrated ICT and infrastructure partner to businesses and homes across South Africa. We provide an extensive range of communication, infrastructure and application services across a resilient national and international network. We are defined by our innovation, technical expertise and focus on customer service. These qualities underpin our ground-breaking fibre and cloud offerings that support a diverse portfolio of solutions for any size business.
The Cloud can be more secure than an onsite server. The cloud is hosted in highly secure data centres and Vox has an Information Security team who’s job it is to ensure our Cloud is secure. We are ISO 27001 certified which certifies our approach to Information Security.

At Vox we work on a three-step process to move you seamlessly into the cloud. Assess, Migrate and Manage is the cornerstone of our cloud offering ensuring that you have the right information, services and skills available to make your cloud journey a success.

Vox has achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification demonstrating our commitment to the highest levels of internal compliance and security.

Vox offers an optional replication solution between our two data centres ensuring an easily accessible replica of your primary data

Vox Virtual Data Centre is elastic. This means You are billed for the resources used per hour, in South African Rands.

Vox provides Microsoft licenses under the Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Program. Our monthly licenses offer much relief from traditional annual Capex costs. If you already have Microsoft licenses, bring them along as we support license mobility.

We offer backup solutions to cover all your environments, from on-site or Cloud servers to Office 365 and everything in between.

We offer an optional Managed Service to ensure proactive management and support of your Data Centre.

Our security practice is backed by Fortinet virtual firewalls across Vox’s Virtual Data Centres protecting against breaches. In addition, Vox delivers comprehensive DDOS protection to mitigate against denial of service attacks.

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