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Cloud Cost Management

Many companies rely on the public Cloud for improved agility, flexibility and innovation. However, most Cloud Platforms offer a consumptive based billing model, which means 80% of organisations end up overshooting their IaaS budget with costs spiralling out of control. Enter Cloud Cost Management, an ongoing discipline that determines budgets and enforces a more cost-conscious culture.

The ever-changing nature of Cloud means optimisation is vital, and our platform offers strategic initiatives such as:

  • Adherence to Cloud Strategy Pillars (Operations, Security Compliance, Cost Management)
  • Optimisation and alignment of Cloud investments with business initiatives.
  • Implementation of excellence areas, namely Visibility, Optimisation and Cost Governance.
  • Software-Managing Cloud costs via a host of software and services.
  • Powered by Cloud Health Software from VMware.
  • Connection to most hyperscale Clouds (Azure, Amazon Web, Google Cloud).
  • Predictive alerting to notifying you of potentially major costs.

Vox, powered by Braintree, equips your brand with all the tools required to ensure your Cloud Strategy doesn’t break your budget. From the right visibility and tooling to a controlled spend, we offer simplified financial management, streamlined operations, strong security and compliance.

How It Works

Features and Benefits

  • Detailed Reporting

    Create custom reports with dashboards broken down by
    project, team, department, or business unit.

  • Understanding of Costs

    View detailed costing and usage reports for a comprehensive understanding of your spend.

  • Forecasting and Planning

    Accurate forecasting, capacity planning and viewing of real-time monthly spend.

  • Enhanced Security

    Gain insights into policy violations to understand risk severity and increase security.

  • Automation

    Build custom policies and workflows to maintain hands-off control over Cloud usage.

  • Reduce Spend

    Reduce spend by making sure that you control the provisioning of services, optimise costs, remediate security risks, and streamline your environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Software-Only option is available on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. The Software Advisory + Full Cloud Cost Management is currently only available on Azure, but will be compatible with other platforms in the near future.

On the full Cloud Cost Management option, we guarantee your Cloud budget and have a punitive SLA regarding this. Any changes to your prescribed budget will only occur once these have been discussed and agreed upon.

Using the CloudHealth platform, you will have near real-time access to cost, performance and consumption metrics in the CloudHealth web portal. As this is Multi-Cloud enabled, you will be able to compare costs between the Cloud platforms you have signed up for.

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