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Hosted Backup

In a data-driven age, knowledge is power. Your business’s information – on clients and transactions, your books, intellectual property, even email – have never been as valuable. They are day-to-day critical, and could also hold the key to the next revenue stream or evolution of your business.

Veeam Managed Backup

Back up more, and spend less time managing it with Veeam Managed Backup. Put the storage and recoverability of your online applications and virtual machines (VMs) in our safe hands....


CloudBackup MSP

This advanced backup solution is designed for managed service providers (MSPs) who are serious about selling a robust offering, and looking for granular control functionality. Our solution includes backup of...


Cloud Backup Pro

Continuity – of sales and client info, emails and processes – is a business’s life blood. Given this, CloudBackup Pro is your guardian IT angel, backing up your company’s critical...



Who sends faxes anyway, right? Uh, wrong. The truth is the much maligned fax is still very much in use in businesses across the world. Fax is convenient, affordable, accessible, and trustworthy – often used for sharing documents that require a hardcopy interaction (like your original signature), manual filling in, or even from an audit trail perspective.


Faxster offers the functionality and convenience of RightFax [link] in the cloud. Take your small business to the next level by faxing critical documents – like application forms, purchase orders...



RightFax is a computer-based fax solution aimed at businesses that need centralised and sophisticated fax capabilities. This enterprise-grade solution offers fax and document distribution that integrates with other digital tools,...


Traffic Solutions

Vox offers two additional solutions for managing fax traffic, and making the most of your RightFax investments. Firstly, Vbill lets RightFax clients reduce the cost of their outbound fax tariffs,...


Professional Services

Monitoring, maintenance and management of your RightFax server is available in the form of professional services from Vox Telecom. RightFax is an advanced computer-based fax solution – capable of large...



Email is like the wheel of digital communications – the invention that changed everything, on which whole industries have been built. It’s swift, accessible, and expedient. But like any good invention, it requires some significant improvements in the evolution towards an even leaner, meaner version.

Hosted Exchange

Your business might still be “small to medium” but your commitments, professionalism and aspirations are not. Vox Telecom’s Hosted Exchange is a business-class email messaging and collaboration service (Microsoft hosted...



One of the most ubiquitous, cheap, and handy communication tools in business today is also one of business’s biggest information security weaknesses. Yes, email makes your business run, but also...


Digital Marketing

Targeted, well designed and direct digital marketing creates audiences and converts customers. Digital marketing includes a phenomenal category of tools that allow businesses to engage with clients (and potential clients) with a level of ease and efficiency that traditional marketing can only dream of. A thoughtful digital marketing campaign can kindle relationships. But poorly executed ones have a proportionate effect in ending them too.

Everlytic Enterprise

The most effective digital marketing campaigns in a hyper-connected world are both cross-promotional and multi-channel. Vox Telecom’s Everlytic Enterprise product is the ultimate 360-degree digital marketing tool to implement your...


Bulk Mailer SMS

Compose your SMSs online or plan an SMS campaign, then let Bulk Mailer SMS distribute your messages to thousands of cellphones – from 500 to 100 000 recipients. This web-based...



Take control of your SMS campaigns and announcements with our affordable web-based SMS tools, like SMS Online and Mail to SMS, among others. There’s a good-fit option for you no matter the size or distribution of your contact database.


Vox security solutions assist with simplifying this complex world, while managing threats, reducing risk and meeting compliance standards. Our security solutions cover all requirements, including desktop, network and email security, access and content control, information and event management and risk and compliance assessments.

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