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Private Branch Exchange, or PBX, is a private, software-enabled telephone network, connected to traditional public lines via a gateway. Internet protocol (IP) PBX systems help manage the flow of incoming and internal calls, through a local network system. They offer cost-savings on traditional telephony, scalability, and sophisticated features that make a professional impression.

Our selection of hosted and managed IP PBX tools are best of breed, offering options across a wide range: from open source to proprietary, comprehensive to conveniently simple, and handpicked from the world’s best to lekker locally developed tools for the South African market. Plus, with flexible financing and pay-per-user models, your PBX implementation with Vox Telecom will be bottom-line friendly.

Far South PBX

Using intelligent, locally developed software, Far South PBX is an open-standards solution to direct calls into, within, and out of your organisation – over traditional lines or networked channels. It...


Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise PBX is a feature-rich unified communications suite from a global company with a reputation for award-winning innovation. This proprietary set of tools provides users and businesses with advanced...


Communications Manager

Telephone management systems (TMS) capture and manage calls from a central location, using a centrex solution for unparalleled control and visibility. Our platform is cloud-based and scalable, offering these integral...


Far South Atmos

Farsouth Atmos provides a clever solution for secure and compliant call logging – it’s South Africa’s first cloud-based voice logging solution. Developed in partnership with Far South and Call Cabinet...


Voice over GSM

Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) is the dominant network standard for mobile communication. Using GSM SIM termination, we’re able to provide advanced least-cost routing technology to pass on significant savings to our customers. Our voice product that uses this infrastructure is Voice Supreme, a value-for-money alternative to VoIP that could reduce your call costs by up to 40%.

Voice Supreme

Voice Supreme is a comprehensive voice solution for your business, giving you the freedom to cut loose of traditional voice providers, and offering massive savings on outbound call charges. Vox...


Voice over IP

The relaxed interconnect environment has created flexibility and price competition like never before. Voice over IP means there is now a quality option for every budget and an innovative solution for every business need.

Cristal Vox

Cristal Vox is a complete corporate voice solution which delivers both outbound and inbound voice traffic, at much lower rates than traditional providers. This innovative product provides a real alternative...




If ShareCall (0860) costs are picking away at your profits, opt for massive savings using SmartShare, our call re-routing service. SmartShare converts the national call rate into an internet protocol...


Wholesale voice

Wholesale voice

Offer quality voice services to your clients with Wholesale Voice from Vox Telecom. This product is designed for resellers who want to provide carrier-grade voice offerings that are scalable, affordable...


Visual Communications

Is there anything more compelling than the visual image? Video conferencing, digital signage, interactive lessons, and collaborative presentation tools put the power of dynamic visual communications at your fingertips – sparking new ideas, efficient cooperation, and meaningful teamwork in your business or school. Vox Telecom has a range of advanced visual communications tools (in the cloud, fully managed or on-site) to bring this visual dynamism to your organisations. Let our expert teams and engineers create a customised solution, or choose from a range of ready-to-go suites and tools.

Hosted Recording and Streaming

Share your content and insight with staff, clients or the world – at the click of a button. With Hosted Recording and Streaming from Vox Telecom you can broadcast both...


Customised Audio Visual Solutions

Forget cookie-cutter tools that never live up to their “best fit” promise. Vox Telecom offers comprehensive, fit-for-purpose video conferencing solutions that are customised to your specific needs and environment. Whether...



ClickShare is a wireless presentation system, designed for sharing content in meetings with ease and efficiency. This simple collaboration tool will transform your meetings, making them more interactive and visual...



Eyeris Bundle

Eyeris is a suite of quality video conferencing tools, bundled together as a complete solution delivered straight to your premises – including high definition (HD) TV screens, HD video conferencing...


Eyeris Lite

Compact and capable, Eyeris Lite is an affordable, quality video conferencing and document sharing tool. This smart bundle gives small businesses and lower cost ventures access to the kind of...


Managed Services

Let us worry about it: With Vox Telecom’s visual communications (VC) Managed Service, we can remotely monitor your VC system – including your display devices, video conferencing systems, and boardroom...


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