Nina Appiah-Baiden

Microsoft Teams vs Slack

Slack and Teams have a lot of similarities. What are the differentiators and why is Teams even seen as a competitor next to Slack?

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What is Microsoft Teams and why your organisation needs it

Teams is Microsoft’s fastest growing product to date. Read more about what MS Teams is & why your organisation needs it.

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Guardian Eye – The eye that never sleeps

Vox’s Guardian eye offsite monitoring is a security monitoring service. They sound the alarm when they see suspicious behaviour.

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Vox Advanced SLA - In2Food Case Study

Vox provides an advanced SLA service to In2Food. Read how the food manufacturer has benefited from this service in this short Case Study.

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Why your business needs Uncapped Voice

Excellent call quality, cost savings, employee mobility and helpful support are a few reasons why your business should invest in uncapped ca...

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Why Satellite Internet is not dead

Satellite is still alive and needed to enable new technology. Here's why.

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