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Vox introduces email security tailored for small business

Vox has introduced mail security offerings specifically targeted at helping small businesses in South Africa better protect their data.

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Vox launches SD-WAN Lite to give SMEs more reliable connectivity

Integrated ICT and infrastructure provider Vox has announced the launch of their SD-WAN Lite service.

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Vox, Ellies sign partnership agreement

Integrated ICT and infrastructure provider, Vox, has entered into a business partner agreement with Ellies Holdings.

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Frogfoot fibre now live in Polokwane

Frogfoot networks roll out fibre in Limpopo to expand their network in South Africa.

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Vox launches secure, compliant, cloud-based call logging and recording

Large enterprises can move call logging and recording to the cloud by benefiting from turning to more modern solutions such as Atmos.

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What can organizations do to prevent the rise of phishing attacks?

Phishing attacks versus Solutions on how to prevent phishing attacks in organizations.

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