Vox upgrades Nerve Centre technology and taps into additional capabilities

Vox has upgraded its software platform of choice in its Nerve Centre (remote monitoring facility) in an effort to unlock additional capabilities for its customers.

¨The upgraded platform combines the existing monitoring services, number plate recognition and remote access capabilities, with data analytics and business intelligence, risk management and scheduled maintenance and reports functionality,¨ says Kobus van Deventer, Guardian Eye Control Room Manager at Vox.

First launched in October 2015, the remote monitoring facility is intended to utilise otherwise unused bandwidth, especially after hours, to provide live streaming and monitoring of premises to a dedicated control room to customers across a range of industries.  The result is an impartial monitoring solution that is able to generate high quality footage that is admissible as evidence should there be a criminal case.

“We are committed to continually evaluating and benchmarking our software against best of breed solutions, and aim to become more than just an offsite monitoring provider. We believe this upgrade takes us one step closer,¨ adds Van Deventer.

Access to the Vox Telecom Nerve Centre is not restricted to existing customers, but can be utilised by any business that has a reliable data link installed and that is looking for additional security related services such as scheduled reporting and maintenance and risk management.

Concludes Van Deventer, ¨The reality is that criminal elements are finding ways to overcome a more traditional approach to accessing industrial and business premises, so it is up to security and technology providers, to find ways in which to circumvent these and provide as integrated a solution as possible.¨

About Author:
Diana Martins Prenner

Diana has been in the PR and Marketing industry for over 23 years, of which 13 have been with Vox. She is passionate about her role in the company which includes media and public relations as well as the management of all events....