One of the most disruptive network technologies available today, software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) not only allow companies to leverage a mix of various information transport services (including Fibre, 5G, LTE-A and Wireless) to connect users quickly and securely to applications, they also hold the promise of significantly lowering operational costs and improving resource optimisation in the process.

In this white paper, we offer a detailed outline of the future of SD-WAN in South Africa as well as how our unique SD-WAN offerings will:

  • Future-proof business infrastructure - particularly for SMEs
  • Bridge the divide between traditional and modern technologies
  • Enhance agility and support for cloud applications
  • Increase efficiency and promote flexibility within the workplace

More than just another tech industry buzzword, we believe SD-WAN holds the key to creating a more innovative and agile enterprise environment.

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