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Vox Email Branding

Vox Email Branding is a powerful service that optimises your daily business email by turning it into a sales and marketing opportunity.

This management tool allows you to add consistent, tamper-proof company-wide signatures to all outbound emails. This includes customisable promotional banners that offer real time reporting and insights into the click-through rates of an email signature campaign’s performance.

While the on-line platform gives you the ability to create, manage and report on your email signature campaigns from a single location quickly and easily.

Vox Email Branding is compatible with all popular mail platforms, meaning no extra hardware or software is required to transform your email correspondence into an effective marketing medium.

  • Automate your email signatures
  • Create and manage email signature marketing campaigns
  • Receive effective, detailed reporting on ROI

Vox Email Branding



Including VAT

  • Full Branding solution per user (minimum 3)
  • Signature management
  • Email banners
  • Security
  • Payment Term - 12 months

Features And Benefits

  • Company signatures

    Allows you to apply uniform signatures and disclaimers thereby promoting consistent corporate identity

  • Effective marketing and scheduled campaigns

    Marketing staff can create new opportunities for the business by utilising easy to create banners on outbound email. These can be scheduled, rotated and managed from a single console.

  • Drive website traffic

    As the solution allows multiple clickable URLs, you can drive clients to your website and report on its effectiveness

  • Cross platform integration

    Vox Branding works on all popular mail solutions and clients and doesn't require any additional hardware or software

  • Added security

    URL Link Protection ensures the protection of end-users from spam, viruses and malicious malware

  • Detailed reports and management

    Central administration allows both marketing and IT the ability to report on interaction with embedded links and validates return on investments

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Branding can be applied to all major email platforms, including Microsoft O365 and G-Suite.

Yes, Branding can only be applied to addresses that are specifically provisioned on the system. These addresses can have branding of signatures and banners that are also applied according to exclusion rules.

Banner data size is restricted to a maximum of 100KB and its dimensions should not exceed 900×900 pixels. We support PNG, JPG and GIF files.

Yes, but there is an additional cost for custom signatures.

No, although we do recommend including standard information and you can select which fields you wish to be displayed. The same goes for social media links – you aren’t obliged to include these if you don’t want to.

Yes, Branding is more than just an application of banners, signatures and disclaimers. It’s a full email signature marketing tool that  informs you when and where a banner has been clicked on. The reporting function also specifies which campaign was advertised on the banner.

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