Fibre to the Business Rollout

Fibre Infographic
  • Internal order placement

    Placement of the Fibre link order with our Telco fulfilment team.

  • Quoting Workflow

    Initiate a quote request with our supplier, costing and planning of the project based on backend administration.

    • Log Quote Request
    • Fibre Preorder
    • Validate Quote Request
    • Request ISP Quote Corrections
    • Issue Service Order
    • Await Signed ISP Order
    • Verify Signed ISP Order
    • Documents Corrections
    • Documents Validation
    • Process Complete
  • External order placement

    Placement of the Fibre link order externally with suppliers.

    • Log Ticket
    • Create Precinct
    • Supplier Quote Request
    • Supplier Quote Revision
    • Awaiting Supplier Quote
    • Place Supplier Order
  • Supplier Planning

    Coordination and allocation of work to sub-contractors and internal teams.

  • Site survey

    Our supplier will be sending different fibre contractors to do a site survey. The site survey will clarify the spec of work on site and will indicate lead times thereof.

  • Planning documents

    The planning team will comply a planning document inclusive of a survey report, project requirements, site information, access requirements, technical requirements, detailed route builds with photos.

  • Landlord approvals

    Based on the planning documents, the landlord need to sign consents for build work to commence on their property.

  • Wayleave approvals

    In conjunction with landlord approval, wayleaves will be submitted to the council for permission to commence with the build on public roads. NB: wayleaves can expire and are subject to various departments within the council for approvals.

  • Build kick-off meeting

    A kick-off meeting is scheduled with all the relevant parties determine the planned scope of work, thereafter contractors will commence with the actual build.

  • Build in progress

    There are two portions to a build as per below, within these portions you get a civil and optical build.

    OSP - Outside plant build - Work to be done on public roads.

    ISP - Inside plant build - Work to be done within the customers’ premises.

    Civil build - A team that will commence with laying of cabling and conduits.

    Optical build - A team that will commence with splicing and floating of fibre.

  • Fibre soak testing

    On build completion, various quality testing is done on the link end to end.

  • Supplier ATP handover

    Supplier hands over and ATP (acceptance testing procedure) for completion of the build

  • Access profiles

    Confirm network Configuration. Access profiles will be created by means of allocating VLAN's.

  • Provisioning

    We will allocate a fibre contractor to have the link patched to the correct node where it will terminate connectivity

  • Installation request document (IRD)

    IRD request is for installation of the ONT (Optical network terminal) device, this is to establish a connection from fibre termination point to the router. Below is the IRD process:

    a. Once IRD is received, the Vox regional service desk will then contact the customer to arrange for the ONT device to be installed at their premises.

    b. After ONT has successfully been installed and is stable, the engineer will request sign off from the customer in the form of a SWO (Service works order).

    The regional service desk will then send a SWO including pictures and GPS coordinates back to our vendor.

    • 15.1. Send Installation Request
    • 15.2. Installation Problem
    • 15.3. Installation in Progress

  • COA handover

    Certification of acceptance, the vendor will then send a handover document including all the technical configuration information back to Vox.

    • Issue Acceptance Certificate
    • Upload Signed Acceptance Certificate
    • Awaiting Service Workflow Order
    • Documents Corrections
    • Documents Validation
    • Cancellation Penalties
    • Workflow Complete
  • IP allocations

    Public IP addresses will be allocated to the customer based on IP's being sold as part of the contract.

  • Core configurations

    Our Vox core engineers will configure the customers access profiles on our core network

  • Stock request

    Stock will be allocated to an engineer for configuration of the CPE (Customer premises equipment) device.

  • CPE installation

    An engineer will be booked for the CPE installation and it will be planned in conjunction with the customer. The services will be thoroughly tested upon cutover

  • Installation sign off

    Once cutover has been completed, the applicable customer representative will have to sign off on the installation. Billing will commence.

  • Monitoring

    Services will be closely monitored for 72 hours

  • Support handover

    Thereafter handed over to our Vox Service Centre 24/7/365. For Technical assistance, or 0878050500.

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