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Vox Gaming Events

Online Gaming and E-sports have taken centre stage as an entertainment and social platform for enthusiasts of all ages. In fact, Online Games in particular are a mainstream topic of conversation amongst gamers, whilst even casual or first time users are fully aware of their potential.

It goes without saying that good morale is an essential component behind any effective team. Digital gaming in particular is fast becoming a dynamic and engaging way for many organisations to boost said morale, but setting up such an event can sometimes be stressful. Herewith comes Vox, with a simple solution for your Gaming Event needs:

  • Our Online Gaming is available to Vox’s FTTH consumers and family via monthly events.
  • Vox can, on request, host events for corporate organisations, educational institutions as well as special events.
  • You ask, we make it happen- it’s that simple.
  • Don’t worry about the logistics, hosting or setting up. Our Gaming Events team can handle any of your digital entertainment requirements.

At Vox, we believe that Online Gaming provides a platform for entertainment, social engagement, comradery and relaxation. These are meant to be fun, yet sometimes the logistics behind arranging such an endeavour can be daunting. That’s where we step in and take care of the finer details, leaving you free to enjoy all the fun your event deserves. However, maybe you’re flying solo, and want to experience the thrill of playing online without a major corporation. Fear not, because we host monthly events that cater for just that.

Features and Benefits

  • Stress Free Event Setup

    No hassle, no fuss, we can facilitate any Gaming Event your brand needs.

  • Entertain, Engage, Collaborate

    Online Gaming is the future of team building, and represents a healthy yet competitive way of participatory involvement for people from all walks of life.

  • Have Fun, Stay Safe

    During present times, when morale needs boosting yet employee safety is paramount, many brands are searching for innovative yet safe entertainment solutions. Online Gaming represents one of them, offering all the benefits of conventional activities without any of the risk.

  • Be Competitive, Reach your Audience

    Many brands are seeking new ways of appealing to younger audiences. Safe to say, Online Gaming is the way. Whether it's a brand launch, charity drop or simply a new organisation looking to gain a digital following, the long-term strategic benefits of an Online Gaming event shouldn't be underestimated.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a new, largely digital world, and many employers are hesitant to force their workers to participate in large gatherings or engage in too much interaction. However, teams still need a chance to develop bonds and grow as a unit. You may believe that your brand can’t benefit from such an event, but your employees certainly can, as a fun, safe and interactive way of sharing some laughs and enjoying competitive spirit ticks all the right boxes.

First off, a lot of memories and a day for the books. Secondly, we facilitate your digital gaming experience according to your unique needs. Require a server, hosting or tournament setup? We’ve got you covered. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.

We have monthly events available to the public, with our private one’s similarly possible upon request. Keep an eye on the prize for the latest developments in our gaming sphere to see how you can sign up and get playing.

Engagement with your brand is vital in order to ensure that we cater for the correct audience and the best-fit game title that suits your corporate identity.

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