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Xbox and High-Speed Broadband Fibre bundles

An unrivalled service designed for gamers!

Now you can save on your Xbox Series X or S console rental and your Vox Fibre to the home subscription by selecting a bundled solution that matches your gaming needs.

Starting from only R1,293pm* you can rent an Xbox console and get a 50/50 uncapped, low latency Fibre line for uninterrupted gaming. (Available speeds and pricing dependent on feasible Fibre network operator in your area. )

Get the most out of your gaming time with a 24-month Xbox and Vox Fibre bundle rental:

  • A fully managed service for the term for your Xbox console rental.
  • Flexible end-term options to upgrade your console to the then current version.
  • Low latency Network Design with transit routes throughout South Africa, North America, South America, Europe and the Rest of the World.

With the savings you’ll enjoy with an Xbox and Fibre bundle you can spoil yourself with an extra controller, a new gaming monitor or gaming headset.

While stock lasts.

*T&Cs Apply.


Features and Benefits

  • Most powerful Xbox ever.

    Explore rich new worlds and enjoy the action like never before with the unmatched 12 teraflops of raw graphic processing power.

  • Most reliable, high-speed, stable fibre connection available in South Africa.

    Select from available 40/40 up to 200/200 FTTH and Xbox bundles for an unmatched gaming experience at highly affordable month fees.

  • Low latency Network Design with transit routes throughout South Africa, North America, South America, Europe and the Rest of the World.

    Smoother play when the gaming server you have to use is not in South Africa.

  • A fully managed Xbox service for the 24-month rental

    Enjoy uninterrupted gaming with Vox's 72-hour swap-out service should any equipment that you are renting fail through no fault of your own.
    *T&C's Apply

  • Flexible end term upgrade options

    Extend your rental contract, or upgrade your console to the then current console model by signing a new rental contract or terminate your Xbox and Fibre contract at the end of the term, the choice is yours.

  • 24 hours, 7 days a week support

    Vox has a national footprint and a 24/7 service desk. Enjoy support from our gaming support staff 24 hours a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Xbox rentals bundled with a Vox Fibre line are exactly that, a rental for a 24-month term.  At the end of the rental term you can enter into a new rental agreement for the same Xbox or different console and Fibre line or return the Xbox and cancel your Fibre line.

Yes, the Fibre line subscription and the Xbox rental are bundled together into a single 24-month contract.

Yes, you can opt to rent your Xbox without subscribing to a Fibre line. Please visit the Xbox rentals only page.

Yes, you can subscribe for a Fibre line without an Xbox rental.

Your Xbox rental and Fibre line include a fully managed service, backed by Vox’s 24/7 service center. If we can’t solve your problem remotely we will dispatch an technician to assist you during working hours.

The best internet connection for gaming is one that delivers ample connection speed, comes with an uncapped data plan and maintains a low latency connection.

Latency impacts the speed at which the game responds to user input. The gaming software running on your console or PC, signals your input to the server through networking data packets that must travel via the internet connection provided by your Internet Service Provider, through their network and across the Internet all the way to the gaming server. Small delays are introduced as each data packet traverses networking devices (routers and switches) and fibre circuits, accumulating to the final ‘latency’ figure.

The time it takes for your game to send data to the game server and to get a response back (the round-trip time) is also referred to as the ‘Ping’ time.

The lower the ping and latency, the smoother, more responsive and lag-free the gameplay, especially when playing fast-paced, first-person shooter games, such as COD, Fortnite, etc.

In competitive multiplayer online games, the players’ ping times can determine who wins and who loses. In slower-paced games, though, your ping won’t be as big of a factor in your overall gaming experience.

Fibre optic internet delivers much lower latencies and much higher line speeds than ADSL, LTE or other wireless options. The faster your line speed, the quicker your internet line can up and download packets to be exchanged with the gaming server, which reduces latency and ping. So if you have fibre available, that’s definitely the way to go.

On your Wi-Fi network, the available capacity must not only be shared between multiple devices on your network, but it also varies all the time, due to the ongoing changes in device distances, signal noise and congestion. Wifi connections are also much more prone to packet loss, requiring retries, adding even more latency.

The cabled alternative provides a rock-solid, lower latency connection with a fixed capacity, incurring much less (or zero) packet loss, so less data is dropped and needs to be repeated as data is exchanged between your gaming device and the game server.

Play wired! You’ll get a lower latency and ping rate as well as less packet loss than using Wi-Fi.

Phones and tablets don’t support wired connectivity and Wi-Fi is the only option. For the best gameplay here, limit the competition by turning off all other connected devices not in use.  Optimize your Wi-Fi signal by placing the router in an unobstructed area, off the ground, near where you game.  Check to ensure you are getting a strong signal where you are playing games.  Play as close to the Wi-Fi access point as possible, since this improves the Signal to Noise Ratio that improves the overall link capacity and throughput and reduces the risk of packets being dropped and having to be resent.

We recommend that you choose a product that delivers at least 30Mbps in the upload direction.

Some fibre network operators deliver full symmetrical line speeds. On these, the minimum to go for would then be a 30Mbps up and 30Mbps down package. Many FNO’s deliver an asymmetrical service, however, with the download speed that is double or more the upload speed. Any package that delivers 30Mbps or more of upload on these would suffice.

You will be using your internet connection not only for gaming from a single device. Chances are you have several users and many devices on your home network that will simultaneously ‘load’ your network. The more users and devices on your network competing for internet access, the greater the line bandwidth you need to share out to keep everyone happy.

Gaming while other people in your home are putting a heavy strain on your network (by doing things like streaming 4k videos, downloading large files, or software updates) may negatively affect your gaming experience.

The game movement/server update data exchange does not really consume a lot of bandwidth. But many games do need to periodically download significant additional amounts of game data whilst you are playing your game, such as terrain/map data, images, video, etc. If your link is too slow, the game may freeze or stutter, which will be frustrating. In addition, you don’t want to have to wait for hours whilst the latest game update or patch is downloading.

If you want better performance, go for the higher speeds.

Most service providers offer ‘Uncapped’ internet access products. In many cases, these come with Fair Usage Policies (FUP) that constrains the overall volume of data that can be consumed over the billing period. Once the ‘allowance’ has been consumed, they then proceed to throttle your link capacity. The reduced capacity of your throttled link may then no longer be sufficient for the game you are playing. The challenge is that many providers don’t publish what their ‘allowances’ are. It’s not always clear what you are buying.

On Vox’ Gaming internet access products, there is no ‘allowance’ you can max out and we don’t throttle.

There is a vast number of games on the market, supported by thousands of servers located all over the world. Unfortunately, only a limited number of game providers have already deployed servers here in South Africa. The majority of these servers are located in the USA, Europe, South America and Asia. When the game you are playing uses a server located in Europe, for example, the major contributor to the overall latency, is the time it takes for a data packet to travel over the undersea optic fibre cable systems that from South Africa into Europe. Although the packet travels at close to the speed of light, the distance travelled is so far, that it still takes 80-90ms, depending on the cable system used and your location within South Africa. There is absolutely nothing that Vox or any other service provider can do to get around this constraint.

Some games will allow you to choose the server you connect to. If you can, connect to the closest server possible to reduce your latency.

Vox’s international backbone network and internet peering was designed to deliver the best gaming experience with lower latencies to the main gaming servers. In 2019, for example, we added the South American Cable System (SACS) (to our existing SAT3, WACS and EASSY systems) that delivers the lowest latency connection to South America and (via the MONET cable system) to the USA. We peer directly with a growing list of service providers in both Sau Paulo and New York – many of which host gaming platforms.

We appreciate that many of our customers will be using servers abroad. To ensure minimal latency and packet loss is maintained, we follow a very conservative capacity planning strategy on our international circuits, ensuring that these links never run into congestion.

While latency is arguably the single most important factor for gaming, jitter can also cause problems for gamers if it’s too high. Jitter occurs when latency is inconsistent rather than stable. The effects of jitter are similar to those of latency: high jitter can lead to choppy or laggy gameplay and/or distorted audio and chat functionality, while low jitter can keep games running smoothly (as long as latency is also low).

For customers subscribing to our Gaming product, our Mikrotik routers are deployed with an advanced router configuration that prioritizes the gaming console’s traffic and avoids latency spikes (jitter) due to access circuit congestion. This prevents the all too common occurrence of your game ping spiking when someone else on your home network does something that suddenly consumes all the available bandwidth (e.g. starting a YouTube video download, uploading a file, sending a mail with a large attachment, etc.).

We continue to enhance the features and options available and plan to expose some of the more advanced features for self-management via our customer portal by Q2 2021.

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