Kwesé Play/ Fat Pipe Promotional Terms & Conditions

1. General

1.1. Vox ADSL and Fibre to the Home Terms and Conditions as well as Vox General Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with these promotional Terms and Conditions.
1.2. Vox and Kwesé Play have partnered to provide this offer with each Kwesé Play 4201SA Set Top Box (STB) purchased from authorized Kwesé Play reseller.
1.3. Kwesé Play STB packaging will bear a green Vox triangular sticker, indicating the promotional offer details.
1.4. The Netflix promotional offer advertised concurrently on the Kwesé Play STB is not dependent on the Vox Fat Pipe data promotional offer being redeemed or used; nor is the Vox Fat Pipe data promotion dependent on or related to the Netflix promotional offer.
1.5. This promotion begins on 01 September 2017 and will be available until 31 January 2018.
1.6. The promotional offer may only be redeemed online via Vox’s website ( until 30 April, 2018, where after the promotional offer will expire.
1.7. DSL means Digital Subscriber Line service up to 40Mbps (Megabits per second).
1.8. FTTH means Openserve Fibre to the Home.
1.9. Each Kwesé Play STB purchased will qualify the subscriber to redeem a single Vox promotional data product.
1.10. Each Kwesé Play STB contains a unique wireless network interface MAC address (a 12-character hexadecimal code), which must be used to redeem the offer online.
1.11. Subscribers need to subscribe online, and provide billing details to both Kwesé Play & Vox’s respective website portal, to take advantage of the offer.
1.12. The subscriber must activate the Kwesé Play device via a broadband internet connection first by following the Kwesé Play device activation guidelines before the wireless MAC address can be accessed, and the Vox Fat Pipe 300GB data offer redeemed.

2. Offer Details

2.1. The data offer is only available for use with an ADSL service or FTTH provided by Openserve. No other FTTH provider network can use the promotional data account.
2.2. Each qualifying subscriber may redeem the promotional offer online at .
2.3. Each redeemed offer entitles the subscriber to three (3) months 300GB Fat Pipe DSL or Openserve FTTH data (900GB in total).
2.4. The 90-day (three month) period begins on the date which the subscriber successfully completes the online subscription process via the portal.
2.5. New subscribers need to complete the Vox online shopping cart process and sign up as a subscriber, providing billing details.
2.6. Once the process is complete, the Vox Fat Pipe data username & password will be forwarded to the subscriber via email and/or SMS message, as with Vox’s standard online purchasing process.
2.7. Existing or new Vox subscribers taking advantage of this promotion will receive a new ADSL or FTTH username & password.
2.8. Should the subscriber cancel the promotional data subscription during the promotional period (three months from sign up) the subscription will cease, and the service will be terminated.
2.9. Should the subscriber not cancel during the 90-day period, billing for the Vox Fat Pipe 300GB product will commence in month four at the discounted rate of R 199.00 vat incl. per month.
2.10. The billable promotional Vox Fat Pipe 300GB product is a month to month subscription and may be terminated with one (1) months’ written notice to Vox.
2.11. Subscriber may terminate the subscription by sending an email to
2.12. Any accumulated data will be lost and not transferrable upon termination.
2.13. Subject to Vox Acceptable Use Policy.

3. Offer and Product Conditions

3.1. Subscribers must have an operational ADSL or FTTH service as well as a configurable ADSL or FTTH router upon which the Vox username and password can be configured.
3.2. Once the promotional subscription is active i.e. username and password received from Vox, the 90-day period begins.
3.3. Should a subscriber not have the required connectivity, and wishes to apply to Telkom, Vox or another ISP for this ADSL or FTTH service available in the subscriber’s suburb, it is advisable that the Kwesé Play and Vox Fat Pipe data promotion is NOT redeemed until the ADSL or FTTH service is active. (refer 3.2 above).
3.4. Existing Vox ADSL and Openserve FTTH subscribers are eligible for this promotional offer, but cannot migrate their existing Fat Pipe or other ADSL or FTTH product to this promotional product.
3.5. Should an existing Vox subscriber wish to redeem this promotional product offer and replace an existing subscription, Vox standard cancellation Terms and Conditions apply.
3.6. Accumulated data on any existing Vox ADSL or Openserve FTTH product will not carry over to this promotional product.
3.7. Any unused data will expire at month end during the promotional period i.e. the product does not have data rollover.
3.8. The product does not have any free midnight to 06:00 surfing allocated.
3.9. Should the subscriber deplete the 300GB data allocation, top ups may be purchased online via Vox Customer Zone using credit card payment method.
3.10. A single concurrency applies per promotional ADSL or FTTH username i.e. A single connection per username is supported.
3.11. The wireless MAC address details are bound to the Kwesé Play Roku device and its owner by design, and may not be transferred.
3.12. The promotional product is only redeemable online.

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