Hot May Promotions

ADSL Fat Pipe Capped

Feel like the wait for fibre is like waiting for the prodigal son to return? If you have a Telkom line, stop waiting! Get Fat Pipe ADSL (that's capped ADSL), and get the first two months for FREE.


ADSL Uncapped

If you’re not into capped, and like your Internet endless, then uncapped is the ONLY way to go. May is your lucky month! Sign up and get 20% off the first 6 months from the date of activation.



If you’re holding out for fibre and ADSL is not your thing, then LTE-A is the product for you. Pick your preference with our special offers on two packages: Choose 25GB and get the first 6 months data FREE, or choose the 55GB package and get the first 4 months data FREE. AND, yes: you get a router as well.



Fibre is the bomb! Check if it's available in your area and place your order. Choose Vox and you pay ZERO installation fees. And because we know it can be seriously intimidating and overwhelming setting it up yourself, we’ll send a Vox technician to get you connected. So, once he walks out the door, you’re good to start linking everything up and checking how fast everything downloads. You’re welcome!


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