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Vox’s Ku-band satellite service is VSAT multiprotocol label switching (MPLS). This service is designed for businesses with remote or outlying branches not serviced by traditional terrestrial solutions, providing fast, uncapped internet. Using the iDirect Evolution Satellite Teleport, which is co-located at Vox’s Johannesburg office, VSAT provides point-to-point, single-hop satellite connectivity, with low latency for your applications and is IP voice ready. In this way, VSAT MPLS extends your connectivity reach – to any location in southern Africa – while maintaining reliability and security.

VSAT MPLS: Uncapped Service Plans


VSAT MPLS - Premium Uncapped Service Plans


VSAT MPLS: Dedicated Bandwidth Service Plans


VSAT MPLS: Customer Premises Equipment


Monthly Service PlanMPLS VPN AccessInternet Breakout IncludedPrice Per Month VAT incl
VSAT 256kbps/256kbps Uncapped yesnoR1 581 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT 512kbps/512kbps UncappedyesnoR3 160 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT 1024kbps/512kbps UncappedyesnoR5 996 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT 1024kbps/1024kbps UncappedyesnoR6 326 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT 2048kbps/1024kbps UncappedyesnoR9 488 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT 3072kbps/1024kbps UncappedyesnoR12 651 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT 4096kbps/1024kbps UncappedyesnoR19 595.01 ENQUIRE NOW
Monthly Service PlanMPLS VPN AccessVoice ChannelsMonthly Subscription
VSAT Premium 256kbps/256kbps Sync Uncapped yes1R2 964 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT Premium 512kbps/512kbps Sync Uncappedyes2R5 925 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT Premim 1024kbps/512kbps Async Uncappedyes2R8 631 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT Premium 1024kbps/1024kbps Sync Uncappedyes3R11 594 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT Premium 2048kbps/1024 Async Uncappedyes3R17 004 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT Premium 3072kbps/1024kbps Async Uncappedyes4R22 672 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT Premium 4096kbps/1024kbps Async Uncappedyes5R24 079 ENQUIRE NOW
Service PlanMPLS VPN AccessInternet Breakout IncludedSetup FeeMonthly Subscription
VSAT MPLS Streaming plan 1200kbps 1:1 512kbps Stay AliveyesnoR150R1 793 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT MPLS Streaming plan 1200/512kbps daily chargeyesnoR0R6 671 ENQUIRE NOW
Service PlanPayment TermPriceStandard Installation
VSAT CPE iDirect X1 kit with 120cm dishOnce-offR17 957R2 300 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT CPE iDirect X1 kit with 120cm dish36 months rentalR966R2 300 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT CPE iDirect X1 kit with 120cm dish24 months rentalR1 895R2 300 ENQUIRE NOW
VSAT CPE iDirect X1 kit with 120cm dish12 months rentalR1 879R2 300 ENQUIRE NOW

How It Works


  • Secure, reliable connectivity

    VSAT MPLS creates a completely private network between head office and remote branches. The connection is highly reliable (99.5% uptime) and monitored 24/7.

  • Quick installation

    We offer quick installation timeframes, wherever you and your remote branches are located, with coverage throughout southern Africa.

  • Fast and capable internet

    Enjoy uncapped internet that is fast enough to support your needs, including voice IP services. Clients get a minimum guaranteed bandwidth, plus “burstable” bandwidth.

  • Standby redundancy

    VSAT can be used as an automatic failover redundancy option for when primary links fail. Pay a monthly fixed access fee, and only pay for bandwidth used when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

VSAT is short for Very Small Aperture Terminal. VSAT is a satellite ground station that can transmit and receive data providing connectivity no matter how remote.

A satellite antenna capable of transmitting and receiving data, a BUC (Block Up Converter) for transmitting, a LNB (Low Noise Down Converter) for receiving, a coaxial cable from the antenna to the indoor modem and a satellite modem capable of receiving and transmitting data such as email.

Depending on the hardware, you might be able to use your hardware. Please contact us with the details of your hardware and we will be able to let you know whether or not it is compatible.

There are different speed options available. Speeds are based on burstable bandwidth and CIR (Committed Information Rate). Burstable bandwidth allows you to burst up to you maximum bandwidth and CIR guarantees that you never drop below your allocated guaranteed bandwidth.

All our VSAT services are uncapped.

It is possible to run applications over satellite, but not all applications are suited for VSAT. Please consult one of our sales agents to confirm if your application will work over VSAT.

VSAT can be used as redundancy on a pay per use basis.

Pricing as advertised may be subject to CPI related price increases as per terms and conditions.

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