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YahClick GO

YahClick Go is your self-searching, satellite based solution available in either road or air transportation models. The service is ideal for instant connectivity and voice services with complete mobility, meaning you can take and access and internet solution wherever you may need it. It can be set up in minutes, and is perfect for a multitude of applications, such as:

• Media Broadcasting .
• Military deployments.
• Emergency and disaster management units.
• Government departments to deliver services in rural areas.
• Event companies and mobile marketing.

Easily mountable on a vehicle, trailer, or even in a suitcase, YahClick offers access via an auto-pointing antenna in minutes and can be operated by a single person. It’s your remote satellite solution for connectivity on-the-go, providing quick, easy and simple satellite as you need it.

Features and Benefits

  • Instant Deployment

    Our self-searching units are quick to set up and available at the push of a button.

  • Voice Ready Service

    In the event of limited or no cell coverage, YahClick offers Voice Ready Services for your calling needs.

  • Wi-Fi Access

    The system is designed to provide internet access to users regardless of location. Once set up, browsing is quick and simple.

  • Drive-away, Fly-away Models

    The units can be transported via road or air, thus making them accessible even in the most remote locations.

  • Multiple Bandwidth Packages

    Our Bandwidth Packages are designed for any event and come in a variety of options for your added convenience.

  • Service Racks and Battery

    YahClick Go comes with built-in service racks and battery backs, which can run fully independently for a limited period should the need arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

YahClick Go is a self-searching satellite solution available in either road or air transportable models. This offers instant connectivity and voice services regardless of location- it’s basically our version of satellite to go.

The possibilities are endless, but YahClick Go is ideal for events media broadcasting in remote locations, military deployments or construction sites. Basically, anyone who requires internet access in an otherwise difficult to find location would benefit from the service.

All it takes is a click of a button. Once done, the self searching unit will be up and running within 5 minutes. Our auto-pointing antenna searches for the Satellite on the ground, and you’re good to go almost immediately.

YahClick uses sophisticated acceleration techniques to enable high-speed performance over high-latency satellite links. Without these techniques, internet service would ordinarily be significantly less effective.

In order to ensure voice quality, a network connection must support a feature called “Quality of Service (QoS)”, which prioritises voice traffic over normal signal.

Yes, we do have options to purchase the equipment outright, should you desire.

There are numerous packages which can be selected. The advertised speeds are maximum “burstable” throughputs, but you can select a line speed suitable for you.

No. You cannot turn off the DHCP server, change the IP or IP modem range. The only way around this is via a router.

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