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SD-WAN Lite is an entry-level SD-WAN solution, engineered to cater to the SME with a demand for high resiliency in connectivity, excellent voice quality and reliable connections.

  • Improve the quality of connectivity and support mission-critical Voice services.
  • Improve the uptime ratio of connectivity by means of automatic failover.
  • Take control of the quality and cost of your connectivity.

How It Works

Features and Benefits

  • Alerting and control

    Get notified via email of link downtime and when a failover event occurs, users
    can adjust their load balancing and failover strategies at will.

  • Monitoring

    The Cloud-based monitoring platform allows users to view their access links’ performance in real time.

  • Load balancing

    Traffic load balancing, or a combination of both methodologies.

  • Voice optimisation

    Voice quality improves by means of Forward Error Correction (FEC).

  • Zero-touch provisioning

    SD-WAN CPE devices are plugged in and automatically configured based on
    desired fail over policies.

  • WAN failover

    Automatic link fail over to improve uptime.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at this stage. We are considering MPLS support to be integrated in a future release.

Yes, the compromise for FEC is roughly 50% more bandwidth being used per voice call. For G.729 codec, bandwidth increases from 30Kbps to 45Kbps per call, and for G.711 the increase is from 80Kbps to 120 Kbps per call.

Yes, however this will only apply to the ‘primary’ WAN link. If this link goes down, unfortunately, a new public IP is being used, thus port forwarding will not work – until the link comes back up.

No. All WAN links will still require their own respective routers to be installed, e.g. Mikrotik RB750 for Fibre, Mikrotik wAP for LTE connections, etc. These devices are then connected to the SD-WAN appliance via their respective LAN interfaces.

No, unfortunately network conditions out of our control mean that dropped calls can and will happen. We are only able to optimise voice traffic over the ‘last mile’ and into the Vox network itself. Once a call traverses an interconnect partner’s network, we will be subject to the conditions on that network.

No, voice optimisation can only be done on Vox voice products as stipulated in this document.

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