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PoPIA Advisory Service

Nearly every business out there has personal information about their staff and clients.

In fact, policies like FICA actually demand that we gather and keep personal and financial Data about said clients. But what happens if we misuse or lose this Data or accidentally leak it? To counter this, Vox, powered by Armata, offers a PoPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) Advisory Service with the following options:

  • Ability to conduct an information audit, which determines:
    • What categories of personal information your organisation processes.
    • Why it is processed (what’s the purpose?)
    • Where and how you store the personal information.
    • Who you share personal information with?
  • Ability to appoint or work with an Information Officer.
  • Ability to conduct an Organisational Impact assessment.
  • Ability to create an awareness guideline for the organisation and staff.
  • Ability to run a Posture Assessment.

PoPIA has introduced conditions around how we process and store personal information. These conditions, if not met and resulting in a loss of Personal Information, can result in a fine or imprisonment (or both).

For this very reason, it’s important that one understands the PoPIA journey, and whether you have the right processes and controls in place to protect your company and your Data and remain compliant.


How It Works

Features and Benefits

  • Understand your current PoPIA status

    A baseline of the current PoPIA status will be created allowing a company to gage their current risk.

  • Gain insight on where to improve

    Recommendations on what to improve and a plan to achieve this will help become PoPIA compliant.

  • Get recommendations on solutions and policies to protect Data

    Solutions like Data discovery, classification and protection allow for stronger control of Data and policies and awareness helps eliminate the human factor.

  • Utilise services to continually monitor and audit your PoPIA compliance

    On-going monitoring and auditing will ensure an organisation remains PoPIA compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

The PoPI Act is complicated and knowing what control you have over your Data, and ensuring that information is difficult to assess.

That is why consulting services offer the ability to assess your current risk and advise what to do to mitigate it.

Vox offers services around understanding your current posture, recommendations around correcting the posture, testing of your Data protection and monitoring services to maintain good posture.

Yes – we can help define the roles and policies as well as assist with building a PAIA (Promotion of Access to Information) Manual

Penetration Testing and vulnerability scanning are a good indicator of the security of your Data. There are other tests and assessments done to even establish the security of documents left in your in tray.

Content Hub

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