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Sixth Sense IoT

Vox Sixth Sense IoT (Internet of Things) features battery-operated sensors that are easy to install and connect automatically to an IoT-specific network, allowing you to view the information gathered from any connected device via the Vox Sixth Sense app.

IoT allows us to gain insight and a greater understanding of the devices we rely on every day, remotely. This technology transforms our everyday household infrastructure into something “smarter” – enhancing safety, convenience and cost savings in the process.

Gone are the days of being unsure if you’ve left an important door open or closed, of wondering where that water leak might be coming from or if someone has stolen your bicycle.

With Sixth Sense, you’ll enjoy:

  • Easy self-installation and customisation – you can choose to install our sensors as a temporary or permanent solution.
  • Independent power – our sensors are battery-operated and won’t be affected by power failures.
  • Automatic connectivity – our sensors connect automatically to an IoT-specific network.
  • Complete control – thanks to the Vox Sixth Sense app, you’ll be able to remotely view the state of each sensor, change any settings and receive alerts with ease.


How It Works

Features And Benefits

  • Robust Sensors

    The sensors are battery-operated, no external power required. Most are also tough enough to live outdoors as well as indoors.

  • Automatic Connectivity

    No additional network (Wi-Fi or Internet connectivity) is required to operate the sensors themselves as they connect automatically to an IoT-specific network when switched on.

  • Access to the Vox Sixth Sense App

    Monitor your sensor status and history remotely on all types of devices, including smart phones and tablets, or via web browser.

  • Complete Control

    The Vox Sixth Sense app allows you to set up specific parameters and alerts for each device, sent to you via email or SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, no additional skills, apart from a bit of basic DIY knowledge, are needed. We also provide a detailed User Guide guide with every sensor to help you get set up.

Yes, you’ll need to use your own or a separate Internet or Wi-Fi connection to access the Vox Sixth Sense app and log in with your username and password.

Once powered, the Sixth Sense IoT sensors connect automatically to an IoT-specific network when in use, so no additional network or installation is required there.

The sensors can be set via the Vox Sixth Sense app to provide cautionary and emergency alerts, sent to you via email or SMS.

No, the Vox Sixth Sense app will send status updates and alerts to you via the IoT-specific network wherever you are.

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Vox 4 Thought
Achieve Total Peace of Mind with Sixth Sense
The Internet of Things is here to make our lives easier by giving us direct access to the things that matter most. We've made it even better with Sixth Sense.
Sixth Sense | Remote Monitoring Technology | IoT
Product News
Make any household device more intelligent with Vox IoT
For people looking for an innovative, user-friendly, and affordable way to enhance their lives in a connected world, Sixth Sense, an Internet of Things (IoT) product powered by Vox has launched. This is a range of low-powered sensors that deliver a variety of practical use cases for the average South African household.

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