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Vox Visitor Management System - Residential

The cloud-hosted Vox Visitor Management System (VMS) is an integrated security solution designed to manage access and security to your residential premises. Whether you’re simply looking to automate access to your townhouse complex or looking for a more advanced, fully-integrated solution – with scanners at the guardhouse and integration into existing physical security barriers – our VMS will meet all of your residential visitor management needs.

This includes:

  • Allowing residents to pre-book visitors online or through an app.
  • Number plate and ID recognition for safety and authentication.
  • Email and SMS notifications to residents when visitors arrive.
  • Real-time welcome messages sent to visitors to improve their experience.

How It Works

Features And Benefits

  • It's process driven

    With Vox VMS in place, visitors won’t be able to bypass the security protocols - this creates a safer environment for all.

  • A turnkey solution

    The VMS consists of the guard app, handheld devices with built-in RFID and barcode scanners, passport and ID OCR scanners, keypads and more. The solution can be assembled based on your needs and infrastructure.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Privacy laws - like the Protection of Personal Information Act - compel us to use personal data responsibly. Capturing visitor data electronically helps ensure you abide by these laws.

  • VoIP capabilities

    Thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you can make voice calls directly from our handheld scanners.

  • Business intelligence (BI) software

    Vox VMS provides access to BI data to analyse visitor behaviour for enhanced security as well as health and safety. This is especially necessary as we continue to limit the spread of Covid-19.

  • Admin is a breeze

    The online portal allows you to manage your access points as well as report on access, users and events with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital Visitor Management System not only enhances your safety and security, but your health as well – especially during the pandemic with attempts to slow the spread of Covid-19. Not only will you always know exactly who is visiting and when, you’ll be able to create a better visitor experience overall for everyone involved.

Privacy laws, such as the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI), are intended to ensure we share data and personal information responsibly. After July 2021, manual visitor log books at the gate will no longer comply with the PoPI. By storing your visitor information digitally and securely, you can avoid having to face costly fines for non-compliance.

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