Smart Metering

Stop wasting money on manual onsite meter reading and data processing. Thanks to Vox’s smart metering solution, you can now monitor and optimise your infrastructure in real-time so you can detect leaks, automate billing, and remotely activate and deactivate services.

  • Smart metering allows you to keep track of how much energy you’re using and collect data to report on usage – at your home and business
  • Measure usage of certain utilities and other consumable resources like water, electricity and gas
  • Record a variety of data points on consumption, including when a resource is being used, how much is being used and where it’s being directed.

How It Works

Features and Benefits

  • Smart Utility Management

    Our expertise and unparalleled knowledge in designing and deploying smart utility management solutions for water, gas and electricity utilities, is demonstrated by our proven track record. Our ongoing revenue management approach allows customers to access 24/7 reporting and data analysis in real-time through our Vox Smart Metering web portal.

  • Smart Meters

    We supply and install accredited smart meters for water, gas and electricity. Increased functionality allows these meters to record billing factors in various configurations, along with alarms and events. They then transmit relevant data to back-office data management centres, either via a preconfigured schedule or on-demand.

  • Energy Consulting and Power Management

    Our experience in the public utility sector has helped us develop private utility services for property developers. Our vendor agnostic approach means that we are able to work with any meter brands, including existing meters, offering metering and revenue assurance services for base station and network nodes.

  • On Demand Management Solutions

    Vox offers a comprehensive suite of energy management and load control solutions for both industrial and consumer energy users. Our solutions give customers greater control over their energy usage and costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart metering is an intelligent metering solution that provides data collection between the meter and the Vox billing and management system. Using industry standard protocols, it allows secure and reliable communication to optimise and support monitoring and usage.

Vox supports convensional, smart and prepaid meters from various manufacturers including Kent, Sensus and Hexing.

In most instances, Vox is not allowed to add a pulse sensor to a municipal meter and as such needs to fit a WMD (Water Management Device) on the far side of the municipal meter. The WMD is a remote communicating electronic water control valve. It is Standard Transfer Specificaton (STS) Associaton approved Automated Meter Reading (AMR) device.

Vox supports single, three phase and commercial prepaid meters.

Credit tokens can be purchased by all major retailers including banking and an internet prepayment portal

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