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Microsoft Operator Connect

By enhancing the integration of Vox’s low-latency, quality-controlled Voice Network with Microsoft Teams, Operator Connect offers streamlined, fully-managed Vox Voice services and radically improved call quality.

With Operator Connect, users can make, receive, transfer, forward and put a Voice call on hold from any location via a Teams-enabled computer or smart device.

As one of Microsoft’s Operator Connect partners in South Africa, Vox can provide you with a comprehensive end-to-end service, with a single point of contact for all your support requirements.

This pure Cloud offering from Vox and Microsoft offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Ultra-high availability Vox-hosted and managed Voice gateways (session border controllers) offering businesses the flexibility to scale as needed.
  • Quick deployment of Voice services through the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre.
  • Unrivalled call quality with Vox’s proprietary last mile Teams and Voice traffic prioritisation – on Vox Fibre – supporting a truly hybrid work environment.
  • The choice of Unlimited or Post-Paid Voice packages, tailored to your needs, with up to 60% Voice cost savings.
  • Adding new numbers or porting your existing numbers to the Vox Network.
  • 24/7/365 user support and fraud monitoring.
  • Maximising the return on your MS Teams investment.

We understand every business is unique – your Operator Connect solution should be too. Let us evaluate your requirements and tailor a solution to suit your exact needs, ensuring that you save money and improve productivity, all while reducing your support overhead.

How It Works

Features and Benefits

  • Quick and Easy Deployment

    Vox’s Managed Services mean the provisioning process is taken care of. All you need to do is allocate numbers to your users within the Teams Admin Centre.

  • Microsoft and Vox Service Level Delivery

    Vox's proprietary last mile Quality of Service for both Business and Home Fibre ensures unrivalled call quality for every user. Direct peering between Vox and Azure enhances resilience quality at the core.

  • Flexible Migration

    Migrate your current Vox Voice services or port numbers from your existing operator quickly and easily (Geographic and Non-Geographic numbers).

  • Absolute Peace of Mind

    Enjoy secure, highly reliable services with Vox Voice quality, 24/7/365 fraud monitoring and support, and call quality reporting.

  • Up to 60% Voice Savings

    With either Unlimited or Post-Paid Voice packages to choose from, we'll tailor a calling plan suited to your business needs.

  • Pain-Free Voice Communications

    Quickly deploy Vox Voice services through the Teams Admin Centre and we'll manage all provisioning, monitoring and call quality reporting on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, in fact one of the benefits of Operator Connect is that by enabling Voice calling directly from Microsoft Teams on your PC or mobile phone, no other hardware is required.

Vox hosts and manages the infrastructure required for VoIP and PSTN calling in Azure, you simply subscribe to Operator Connect from Vox and leave the rest to us.

By subscribing to Operator Connect, Teams users get a telephone number that they can make telephone calls from and receive telephone calls to.

You can call any phone number in the world and receive calls from anyone wishing to call you, from their mobile phone or a fixed line.

By subscribing to Operator Connect, Teams replaces your old handset and you make and receive phone calls directly within Teams.

Not at all – simply provide Vox with consent in your Teams Admin Centre and we’ll contact you to build a tailored proposal for you.  Once you accept, we’ll establish a trunk connection for you, assist you to provision users and assign phone numbers directly from the Teams Admin Centre so you can start making calls.

It’s very easy to port your existing numbers to Vox. All numbers can be ported to Vox, regardless of the number type – whether they are geographic or non-geographic numbers.  Nobody can hold your numbers hostage.

Let us help you with this process – we have a number porting team ready and available to assist you.

Simply put, your Microsoft Teams and Voice traffic is prioritised above all other traffic travelling across your Fibre connection.  This means that your Teams and Voice calls will not be interrupted by other activity happening on your network.

This is a proprietary service offered by Vox on your Vox home or business Fibre last mile link.

Yes, there are a variety of Teams certified desk phones that will work perfectly with Operator Connect.  It may even be possible for you to use you existing SIP phone. A Vox specialist will be able to provide advice on the best solution for you.

Simply select the ‘Enquire Now’ button above and we’ll guide you through the quick and simple subscription process.

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Microsoft Operator Connect - Vox and Microsoft join forces

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