Water Level Meter

Every person and animal has the right to access water – it is the elixir of life, after all. With this in mind, Vox IoT has developed an autonomous battery-powered, wireless water level meter – designed to enable you to effectively manage the water levels in your water troughs, tanks, dams and pools by sending you an alert on your cell phone when these levels either overflow or deplete.

  • Save water. Save time.
  • Keep your animals hydrated
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Eliminate futile inspection to dams or water points
  • Manage by exception only

How It Works

Features and Benefits

  • Use For Leak / Flood Detection

    Knowing when there is a leak from your geyser or other water container can cost you thousands. The Water Level Meter has the option to be mounted horizontally or vertically to detect the presence of water.

  • Monitor Multiple Levels Simultaneously

    Multiple Water Level Meters can be installed at one location. For example, multiple Water Level Meters can be installed at diffirent heighs against a dam wall and will report as each level is reached.

  • Keep Tabs On Your Water Levels

    The Water Level Meter can be installed into a animal water trough, water tank, dam, river or any other water container to monitor water flow/levels and report back on the presence or non-presence of water.

  • Low Cost Monitoring of Water Sources

    Remotely monitor the levels of water within your water containers using the Low Power Wide Area Network of Sigfox to provide water level indication directly to a mobile phone or web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. This unit is designed to detect the presence/absence of water only.

The Water Level Meter can be used for leak/flood detection and water level measurement.

The Water Level Meter will transmit a heartbeat once per day and on change of water status.

There are various mounting options available. Most common mounting options are: Screws, rivets, tie-wraps and double sided tape.

The Water Level Meter is completely waterproof and environmentally sealed.

Expected Life is 5 Years (Depending on transmission profile and environmental conditions)

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