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Fat Pipe Business Wireless

Fat Pipe Business Wireless is a high-quality connection, with a fast network you can rely on. We use the best, Licensed Microwave Technology, with proven results. This proven technology, combined with our discounted voice and internet access, guarantees you a quickly deployable and cost-effective solution for your business.

How It Works


  • Versatile

    Optimise voice and data by converging these services over the wireless network. The efficiency of wireless enables fast file transfers and effective utilisation of conferencing tools and live document sharing, cloud computing and online data storage.

  • Customisable and scalable

    Solutions are designed for customers' speed and monthly data consumption needs by making key changes to the default wireless broadband offering or building a unique solution from the ground up. Additional capabilities may be added with extra static IP addresses, voice channels and hosted PBX extensions.

  • Fast installations

    Faster installation times than traditional serial based technology provides similar security, performance and reliability of wired networks.

  • Effeciency

    Choosing to upgrade to wireless broadband cuts your costs, improves efficiencies and opens doors to new opportunities and ways of connecting with customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The data portion of this service is best effort over a 99.5 % uptime link, the voice is provisioned over a dedicated portion and therefore for the voice, an uptime of 99.5% can be expected.

This is provided over a licensed service.

The link is and the bandwidth is contended where as the voice is provisioned over a dedicated portion.

Yes, five usable static IPs with the 10Mbps bundles and upwards.

This service is bundled with voice from the 10Mbps packages upwards and was designed to provide an affordable all-encompassing voice, wireless and mobile data solution.

This is a question with a very complex answer. What one must first note is that the factor with the highest impact on services is interference. This is affected by whether a link is run on licensed or unlicensed band, i.e. regulated by ICASA or not and of course links in the surrounding area. Then the question of weather can be answered: the higher the GHz the higher the impact. Atmospheric conditions start to impact, if at all, spectrums at 7GHz and higher. On the contrary to this, your licensed spectrums tend to be a higher frequency but tend to provide you with carrier-grade technology with built in adaptive modulation to specifically combat issues such as weather. Again, the most relevant factor remains interference.

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