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Take a breather.
Let your internet S T R O L L...

Take a breather.
Let your internet STROLL...

Need Internet but don’t have access to LTE or Fibre? Vox has you covered with DSL!

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40 Mbps

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Uncapped & Unshaped Data

No worries of running out or reaching limits

Free Installation

Just stay with Vox for the first 12 months

Month-to-Month contracts

No long-term contracts that tie you down

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Why choose DSL?

Uncapped & Unlimited Data

Use as much data as you want any time of the day


There is also no limitation on bandwidth speeds when a threshold is reached

No Fair Use Policy

There is no risk of running out of data or being rate limited

Free Installation

Free installation if you stay with Vox for the first 12 months

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Don’t have access to Fibre or LTE? Choose Vox DSL

Uncapped, Unshaped Connectivity

Receive fast uncapped Internet access at all times

Traffic is not prioritised in a specific order.

  • Top ups no longer required
  • Unlimited data available day and night
  • Control over your own internet and what it is used for
Secure Online Management Portal

Have full control of your DSL accounts

Upgrade or downgrade with ease, update personal details, review invoices and monitor usage via the Vox Customer Zone.

  •  Accessible 24/7
  • Control from the comfort of your own home

About installation

  • Coverage check
  • Select package
  • Contract Acceptance
  • RICA check

Order placed and validation and feasibility status checked by Openserve.

The installation process at your residency.

Data Account activated.

Special Terms and conditions

The following apply to All DSL products

  • Should Vox offer to conditionally waive, or subsidies setup fee(s) and the DSL subscription is terminated within twelve months of the activation date, the full setup fee is payable. Termination fees will not be prorated.
  • In the event of a customer cancelling an ADSL service to move to fibre to the business at the same premises, the ADSL setup fee(s) will not be applicable.
  • Customer must give one clear calendar month notice of his/her intention to cancel the services in writing and in accordance with the cancellation process set out in clause 19 of the General Terms and Conditions. Any notice given on or after the first day of the month will only take effect on the last day of the following month.
  • ADSL is dependent on feasibility and line speeds are dependent on distance from exchange and copper quality.
  • All line speeds are dependent on Openserve network utilisation and are “best-effort” services, meaning the service is in no way guaranteed by Openserve or by Vox.

In the event of copper being stolen, copper will not be repaired or replaced by the DSL service provider. In such case, the Customer will be required to move to alternate forms of internet connectivity and an immediate cancellation will logged.

Installation lead times are between 6-8 weeks

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Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need a telephone line to order Uncapped Pure DSL. A telephone line is mandatory when ordering Uncapped Copper DSL as it runs over Openserve’s copper network.”

The distance from the Openserve exchange, exchange capability and the quality of the copper can have an effect on your line speed. Vox DSL is a best-effort service and speeds cannot be guaranteed. Vox DSL is available at up to 5Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps and 40Mbps, customers will pay for the speed selected regardless of the speed delivered.”

If there is “live” Fibre or it’s ‘imminent’ then Uncapped DSL orders won’t be allowed. Please order your service on our Fibre to the Home page.

If you want to retain your telephone number please port the number to Vox before you cancel your telephone line. You will be able to choose between an uncapped or rated voice package.

Vox has removed all Fair Use Policies (FUP) so you can have peace of mind that you will never run out of data or get throttled.

In the event of copper being stolen, copper will not be repaired or replaced by the DSL service provider. You will be required to move to alternate forms of internet connectivity and an immediate cancellation will be logged.

Yes, you will need to notify your ISP and Openserve you would like to do a migration of your DSL Line to Vox. You will then be required to place a new order with Vox and sign a Vox contract. Vox will then retrieve your DSL Line from Openserve.

Note: Pure Connect DSL Lines cannot be migrated. Only Copper Connect DSL Lines can be migrated.

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  • Free Installation

    Save up to R2000*

  • Free Activation

    Save up to R1000*

  • Free Router

    Wi-Fi Router included

  • Uncapped Data

    No FUP - No Fair Use policies apply

25 Mbps

25 Mbps download

25 Mbps upload

Starting from

R857 PM

T's and C's apply