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Vox unveils estate-focused visitor management solution

Vox has expanded the cloud-based Visitor Management Solution to cater for the needs of small Multi Dwelling Unit estates and large residenti...

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Vox and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise join forces to provide top hospitality provide...

Vox awarded the PBX infrastructure tenders for the Marriot Yacht Club and the Hilton Garden Inn Mbabane, providing a constant standard of pr...

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Avanti Communications signs a Three-Year Master Distributor Agreement with Vox

Vox partners with Avanit to use their satellite fleet, which provides full coverage across sub-Saharan Africa, to deliver a cost-effective ...

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Vox 4 Thought

Are you ready to migrate to the Cloud?

No Cloud migration should be a quick move. A smooth migration to the Cloud requires planning and an analysis of your current environment.

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What is the difference? ADSL, Fixed LTE and Fibre

ADSL, Fixed LTE and Fibre are all great connectivity solutions, but the pros and cons are dependent on your individual needs.

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How do I get the best speeds from my Fibre connectivity?

If your Fibre speeds are slow, you may be experiencing a lack of WiFi coverage in your home or small office. Read more.

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