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3CX Cloud

Elevate your business with 3CX

3CX, a global cloud PBX leader empowering 600,000+ customers across 190 countries for nearly 2 decades. As one of the largest 3CX partners in South Africa, let Vox accelerate your business growth. Experience a comprehensive communication platform including Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, and Video Conferencing. Partnered with giants like Yealink, SNOM, and Gigaset, Vox offers tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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How it works

More about 3CX Cloud

3CX Cloud is your all-in-one managed Cloud PBX solution. It offers powerful, flexible PBX functionality that outpaces traditional, on-premises phone systems. Your connection, collaboration and communication will never be the same.

3CX PBX boasts a wealth of rich, diverse features, including:

  • NEW!! Native integration into Microsoft Teams
  • Hybrid working mobile apps for iOS, Mac, Windows or Android
  • Free video conferencing
  • Integrated call centre
  • Connect via voice, video & Instant Messaging
  • Update your status and view your team’s availability

Features and Benefits

3CX has the solution to meet your requirements

3CX has multiple levels of security, thus rendering VoIP attacks ineffective.

Know exactly who’s calling before you even pick up; saving your agents time and impressing customers.

Increase your user productivity, collaboration and accessibility while embodying professionalism.

Our first call resolution means more sales, happier customers and better reviews.

Our industry leading voice rates allow you to save big on your phone bills.

A simplified process without the complicated downloads, you’re able to view or control remote screens, share documents, present on a whiteboard, chat and create polls.

Why 3CX from Vox?

This gives customers peace of mind that our network is compatible with any 3CX deployment. We have been thoroughly tested with 3CX to ensure no manual configurations which means you can simply plug and play your PBX with our SIP trunks.

The coveted Titanium partner status is 3CX’s highest partner tier and consequently, it’s reserved for true 3CX all-stars. This, together with our Advanced Technical Certification, guarantees you excellent service and support.

Vox offers an extensive range of products to complement your 3CX solution. From last mile connectivity, market leading uncapped or rated calling plans, world-class data infrastructure to host your 3CX services, to telephone expense management reporting.

Need help?

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Frequently Asked Questions

3CX’s pricing is for unlimited users, you only pay for the number of simultaneous calls you need based on an annual subscription.

Licensing is based on how many calls you will need to make concurrently at any given time (inbound, outbound and internal calls). 

Annual licenses require renewal every year in order to maintain a fully functional PBX. 

Tools and Resources

Product Sheet
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Amount of People or Devices

How many people and devices will you connect?

Streaming Videos

What quality do you want to stream videos at (Netflix, YouTube, etc)?

Online Gaming

What types of games do you plan on playing?

Select one or more options if applicable.

Online activity

What types of activities do you do online?

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Your results

What we recommend and what you get

  • Free Installation

    Save up to R2000*

  • Free Activation

    Save up to R1000*

  • Free Router

    Wi-Fi Router included

  • Uncapped Data

    No FUP - No Fair Use policies apply

25 Mbps

25 Mbps download

25 Mbps upload

Starting from

R857 PM

T's and C's apply