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Cell Boosters

Say goodbye to dropped calls and slow Data connections!

A Wilson Pro Cell Phone Signal Booster can take an existing but weak Cell Phone signal and boost it within your home or office, providing great connection as you need it. Slow connection or signal loss in bad weather?  No problem – our Cell Boosters will amplify incoming and outgoing signal from your mobile devices accordingly.

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Automatic Gain-Control with self-optimising design


ICASA & NRCS approved for your peace of mind


Amplify your GSM Signal no internet required

Choose The Right Solution For Your Business

Better communication, easier texting and more reliable Internet guaranteed

Features And Benefits

The Wilson Pro Cell Phone Signal Booster from Vox is the most popular and sought after Signal Booster on the market

Increased Range

Thanks to our specialised antennas, with an uninterrupted connection to and from our Cell Towers, our Boosters enjoy extended distances

No Interference

Our signal is strong enough to bypass any building material or potential interference, meaning no obstacles between you and great signal

Enhanced Indoor quality

The booster is designed to not just amplify, but also rebroadcast signals indoors for enhanced, clearer quality

All Inclusive Solutions

Different spaces have different needs. Large or small, 3G or 4G, our Boosters are available in a variety of packages to suit your exact needs

How It Works

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Still Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Vox Cell Boosters works for all mobile devices and GSM routers (any device with a SIM card) and across all mobile networks – MTN, Cell C, Vodacom and Telkom Mobile are all covered.  The only exceptions are Telkom Mobile’s 2300Mhz band and Rain’s 2600Mhz band.

Provide coverage for buildings up to 1000 square meters, on both 3G and 4GLTE networks. Even better, you can expect up to +70dB gain, with 32 times the cellular signal.

We can think of three reasons: better talk, text and internet guaranteed. We’ve all struggled with weak signal and unclear calls- this booster eradicates those issues completely.

Our boosters are ICASA approved and certified, meaning no damage to your device. Furthermore, we include the complete kit with all the parts you’d need. We also offer local, world-class technical support should you ever require it.

No.  Cell Booster rentals are exactly that, a rental for a 12 or 24 -month term.  At the end of the rental term, you can enter into a new agreement for an existing product, try another model, upgrade to a newer version (if available) or return the Cell Booster to Vox.

Weak signal is generally caused by one of 5 key factors. A single or combination of said factors can greatly affect your cellular coverage.

These include cell tower distance, outside interference (such as trees, mountains or high structures), building material, internal interference and the weather.

It’s actually quite simple. A Cell Signal Booster utilises 3 easy-to-install components to function.

The Outside Antenna draws in weak 3 and 4G LTE Signal, which is then boosted up to 32 times by the Amplifier before being rebroadcasted throughout the area by an Inside Antenna.

No. Signal boosters simply amplify your existing 3G & 4G LTE signal.

Unfortunately not. Signal Boosters do not improve Wi-Fi signals, only cellular signals such as 3G & 4G LTE for most major South African Networks.

Cell Boosters are made to work indoors where radio waves are able to bounce and reach their destination (i.e. better signal for your phone).Outdoor spaces would lead to open-air-path-loss, meaning the boosted signal would disappear if not confined.

This is traditionally a 3-step process.

The Outside Antenna is first installed high up, usually on the roof of your home or building. Next, the Amplifier is installed at an easy-access location, before the Inside Antenna is installed in whichever area requires improved cellular signal.

Both Yagi and Omni are outside antennas that pull in your existing 3G & 4G signals before sending it off to the amplifier to be boosted.

In general, Omni antennas are all-around performers used in corporate offices, because they pull signal from a 360-degree field which usually helps when boosting multiple carriers with cell towers in different locations. They generally are long rod-like cylinders.

Directional (Yagi) antennas are specialized performers that pull in signal from a 45-90 degree directional field. The ability to focus on a narrower field allows it to reach farther than the omni and pull in more signal.

Directional antennas are very popular with people in remote, rural areas or any place with bad reception.

While both panel and dome are inside antennas that provide boosted signal inside the building, a panel antenna is wall-mounted with a directional broadcasting angle of 45-70 degrees.

This means farther reach and also preference for those closest to the antenna, which is great for high-priority areas.

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