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Pure Uncapped DSL

Live your best life with Vox Fat Pipe ADSL! Having no access to Fibre or LTE can be a bummer but stick with Vox, and we got you covered with Pure Uncapped DSL.

Get uncapped packages starting from R375pm* including the line and all the data you need.

  • Connectivity speeds from up to 4Mbps to 40Mbps that are affordable and available on month to month agreements*
  • Fair Use Policies (FUP) are a thing of the past. No more restrictions, no more throttling.
  • With Pure DSL, a Telkom analogue line is no longer a requirement.**
  • Connect to multiple smart devices, fully supports video streaming and VoIP calling.
  • Worried about losing your number? Don’t let that stop you. Port to Vox and get our preferential calling rates.

*T&Cs apply

**This product is subject to coverage availability.


How It Works


  • Get Bundles of up to 40Mbps

    Depending on your distance from the exchange you can get speeds of up to 40Mbps.

  • Uncapped, Unshaped Data

    Have complete piece of mind with a uncapped and unshaped data for all your streaming needs.

  • No Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

    Vox has removed all Fair Use Policy limitations on our network so no need to worry that your service will be rate limited or restricted in any way.

  • No Analogue Line Required

    Pure DSL doesn’t require a Telkom analogue line in order to the activate. You can order your DSL service directly from Vox, all you need is to be in a DSL coverage area.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you no longer need an existing phone (analogue/copper) line in order to order this service.  ADSL and Copper Connect run over Openserve’s Copper network but where ADSL requires a mandatory voice service (analogue line) Pure Connect can be ordered without it.

The distance from the Openserve exchange, exchange capability and the quality of the copper can have an effect on your line speed.  Pure Connect is a best-effort service and speeds cannot be guaranteed.  Pure Connect is available at up to 4Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps and 40Mbps, customers will pay for the speed selected regardless of the speed delivered.

If there is “live” Fibre or its ‘imminent’ then Pure connect DSL orders will not be allowed, please order your service on our Fibre to the Home page.

Yes, but your existing service will need to be cancelled with Telkom and your ISP. Pure Connect is a new product offered from Openserve.  Both the ADSL and Analogue line services will need to be cancelled.

If you want to retain your telephone number please port the number to Vox before you cancel your analogue line.  You will be able to choose between an uncapped or rated voice package.

Vox has removed all Fair Use Policies (FUP) so you can have peace of mind that you will never run out of data or get throttled.

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