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Premium WordPress Hosting

Shared Web Hosting is a thing of the past. The trade-off with low cost is often slow speeds, downtime and security risks. Unlike Shared Web Hosting, our premium WordPress offering is a solution for customers that require better performance, uptime and scalability.

  • Dedicated infrastructure provides lightning fast speeds
  • Backed by the Vox Security Team
  • Improved performance = higher click to sale ratios
  • SSL certs for HTTPS enabled websites
  • Website Vulnerability Assessment

With the boom in e-commerce, your website is the face of your business and often the first experience customers have. A slow loading and unattractive website will drastically impact your business. Traditionally shared Web Hosting splits resources across multiple customers – making it impossible to deliver a guaranteed level of service.

How It Works


  • Dedicated Infrastructure

    This provides lightning fast speeds Backed by the Vox Security Team. Improved performance = higher click to sale ratios.

  • High-speed Storage

    Vox's premium performance storage is optimised for giving you the edge with faster loading pages.

  • Enabled caching for static content

    Delivering websites much faster by caching static files such as images to the web browser. Faster websites mean better recognition.

  • Website Vulnerability Assessment

    A monthly Vulnerability Assessments provides a way to identify and classify problem areas around the website. Locate each flaw and target vulnerabilities based on severity of the gap to prevent any breach or exposure.

  • Protected by the Vox Security Team

    Your website sits behind Vox's next generation firewalls with malware and virus protection, intrusion prevention, web app security and DDoS protection.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our servers are locally hosted and managed around the clock by the best engineering team for peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

A type of hosting that has been optimised to run WordPress and is widely used by experienced but also new users.

Our WordPress hosting is a Cloud-based hosting service that delivers performance and scalability to your fingertips. You get thousands of plugins that will give you the functionality to perform any task.

Shared Hosting shares a single physical server with 100’s if not thousands of other websites giving you a low cost service.
WordPress hosting is designed for WordPress, which means it is tweaked for high traffic websites, provide better performance and faster loading websites.

Yes, you can bring your own domain or Vox can provide you with a range of domains.

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