Empower your employees to be able to work from home and keep your business operating the way it should.

Globally, lockdowns have impacted companies in ways that no one could have foreseen. While many businesses have been adversely affected, others have had to deploy their disaster plans, which included staff working from home.

Most companies had not yet been able to fully test the work from home (WFH) scenario and have been forced to adapt or die, as circumstances call for remote working as the new normal.

However, some organisations have been pleasantly surprised at how employees have been able to adjust to this new way of working

Cut costs – go the rental route

Many companies have found that what previously prevented employees from working remotely was a lack of hardware and the ability to provide remote support

This is where Vox comes in. As part of our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solution, Vox offers short-term asset rentals, together with remote support and security patching. In the event of total hardware failure Vox engineers are allowed to assist onsite.

Vox has supplied laptops to many of our customers – from schools to SMEs – as more companies incorporate remote working into their workplace culture.

Managers across the board are reporting higher productivity levels than they ever expected, indicating that this is set to become a new job location option for certain employees.

What’s in it for you?

Now, as a company owner, you may be concerned with issues including:

  • What happens if my hardware breaks?
  • How do ensure that my staff and assists are protected from online vulnerabilities?
  • How do I get support quickly?

Vox hardware solutions offer an affordable rental of quality refurbished hardware, devices, laptops or desktops, for the education, SME and the enterprise sectors.

These items are perfectly reliable for the functional workspace and include benefits such as:

  • Next business day swop out on faulty or damaged hardware
  • Windows 10 licensing
  • Optional click-through desktop support with access to our managed services desk.

As a Managed IT provider, we ensure that the devices are secure and protected as cyber resilience is no longer a luxury but a necessity to every business.

Peace of mind, productively

COVID-19 has forced businesses to explore new ways in managing their workforce. Much like the baby boom eventually led to higher number of people in a workforce, leading to open plan work layouts.

But while you focus on the operations of your business, let Vox make sure your employees have reliable hardware, that will make working from home a breeze.