When you talk about growth, impressions, a commitment to service excellence and rapidly progressing through your field, you’d be amiss to not mention Vox and 3CX.

It seems like just yesterday that we introduced 3CX to the South African market. Maybe time flies when you’re doing well? Fact is, Vox has only been offering 3CX solutions for around two years, but the growth and impact we’ve made in this time has been tremendous. Don’t believe us? We’re proud to say we at Vox have been ramped up to Titanium Status (the highest partner status available) in record time.

Yup, like Eskom moving up stages, Vox and 3CX saw our progression speed through Bronze to Silver to Gold to Titanium in just over a year. Combine this with our Advanced Technical Certification (also the highest in its field), and it’s safe to say we’ve maximised our journey thus far. That being said, let’s take a look at our journey, the reasons behind our success, and why we believe our growth has been so consistent and rapid.

We introduced 3CX as an on-premises offering to SA in September 2020 – with the Cloud Variant released in June of 2021. Within a few short months (September 2021), we had already gained Titanium Status – this rapid ascent serving as proof of our unwavering commitment to service excellence and immaculate delivery.

Coming off the back of a pandemic (you may have heard of it), we believe that 3CX was exactly what customers needed at that specific moment, as the world rapidly transitioned into a Hybrid environment. Truth be told, there were calls before the onset of COVID-19 to have a softphone type app on one’s PC. Fast forward a few months, some lockdowns, and the introduction of Work from Home, and we were well on our day towards integrating a practical, feasible and affordable solution across the board. The centralization of the platform, along with the mobility it offered, combined to be precisely the solution many a brand needed in an otherwise confusing MACRO climate – which served only to boost our already rapid growth.

As the months (or should we say years?) have rolled on, we’ve seen a massive uptake in that customers today want that entire suite of products with minimal management required on their behalf. This, we believe, has worked in our favour – 3CX allows our team to handle the entire environment – from VM’s to Licensing, to far beyond. Couple this with an affordable price range (it’s a tight period, and customers have little time for complicated products with exorbitant fees) and we’ve managed to offer feasible, realistic, and attainable solutions which address the needs of modern business owners.

When compared to our first entry-into-market, which was to service customers with on-site PBX, our evolution to Cloud-based solutions which don’t compromise on quality is quite astounding. As we have come to realise that Cloud is the now and the future, so too have our consumers – and this ability to adapt to unique requirements is testament to our willingness to do more. At Vox, we believe in moving and evolving with technological innovations – and this is reflected in our continuous growth in the case of 3CX.

So, where we are is fine – but what comes next?

  • As it stands, we aim to tick all boxes in terms of customer needs.
  • We’re currently exploring complimentary call-center enhancements which give our clients greater functionality
  • We’re also working on a management platform for business partners – but watch this space, because it’s bound to be huge.
  • We continue to focus on our strategic partnerships (so, if you’re reading this and you’re interested, be sure to get in touch).

It should be noted that, in order to gain our proud Titanium status, there are multiple criteria, sales and targets to be made – this is not a case of simply climbing through the ranks with ease. In fact, it’s the result of our 300+ staff, engineers and teams on the ground who have allowed us to reach both the highest tier of 3CX accreditation and the Advanced Technical Certification. That being said, let us not toot our own horn any further – instead, we’ll let Natassia Allery (the 3CX Global Sales Director) bring it home for us:

“Since partnering with 3CX in 2020, Vox Telecom has had a meteoric rise to Titanium partner level. Vox Telecom is an excellent 3CX Partner; technically and commercially: successfully servicing hundreds of mutual 3CX customers. I look forward to seeing the new heights our partnership will reach!”