So, no-one told you Internet was gonna be this way? Eskom’s a joke, you’re broke, your Fibre’s DOA.

It’s like your ISP’s stuck in second gear.

But if your connectivity won’t work, won’t start, don’t stress, LTE is here…

See, LTE will be there for you when your Fibre starts to fall. We mean it.

Cool songs and ‘Friends’ references aside, any South African worth his salt knows the importance of having a backup plan. We’ve redefined generators (watch this space!), made beer out of pineapples and even taken plonking a keyboard to new heights while calling it “Amapiano”. If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s make lemonade out of life’s lemons (or alcohol out of local fruit) – which is why a Failover solution should have everyone’s ears prickling and heads turning in anticipation.

So, let’s talk LTE, which you should know by now is one of the fastest, most reliable, affordable and convenient solutions out there.

For many Internet users (particularly those at home), Fibre can seem as attainable as a Gucci sneaker (the real one, not the China Mall spec) or, if you’re in an area where there’s no availability, as realistic as speedy service while renewing your Passport. Many users give up on the concept of home Wi-Fi altogether as a result of this, instead choosing a constant back and forth with the strict sounding “no airtime” lady from MTN over a viable solution. Fact is, when it comes to speed, when it comes to connectivity, when it comes to a Fibre-like experience with no compromise on quality, LTE is as proficient as a South African scientist who just discovered a new strain of Covid.

Your service provider could be the best in the world and, 99 days out of 100, provide flawless Connectivity which never drops. But, as Murphy’s Law would have it, there’s always that one day (or week, or month, or even a year!) where your connectivity drops without warning; and no amount of switching the router on and off again seems to do the trick. This is usually just before an all-important work call, 10 minutes before an assignment deadline or just as the money shot is about to hit (we’re talking about Gaming here – mind out the gutter!). As you watch that little grey Dinosaur in sheer frustration or try to frantically Hotspot off your phone while waving goodbye to your Mobile Data, all of us have been in a position where we wished we had a Plan B.


Your LTE Router (although a perfect leading man) can also double as a Failover Solution during the times you need it most.

Yup, if life was a movie, LTE would take home the Oscar for best supporting cast faster than Heath Ledger’s Joker. But, as always, there’s a tech side to things – so let’s talk the reasons you (or your business) need a Failover.

Think paying for a Plan B is costly? Network outages cost even more. Ask anyone running a business from home or trying to be a diligent employee – time spent offline is money down the drain. You can’t complete projects, use your software appropriately, connect with your network or effectively communicate. In fact, we asked a few programmers and developers what Internet downtime was like, and they rated it “a kick in the crown jewels by Leonidas” on the pain scale.

As an organisation, why would you leave your business in the hands of idle employees? The cost of potential sales, lack of work being done, and reputational damage far outweighs the small monthly outlay required to have something up your sleeve, making it far less expensive to keep yourself connected than to afford the alternative.

Think we’re being more dramatic than Somizi on a bad hair day? Here are all the 2022 office solutions which require connectivity to fully operate:

  • Emails
  • Printers
  • Cloud Computing Solutions (and Apps)
  • VPNS
  • Firewalls
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • All Communication Solutions (think Teams)
  • File-Sharing/Project Management Software
  • Your Sanity

With an LTE failover, your backup router links your devices to the functioning network without a noticeable service disruption. In simple English? You switch from Wi-Fi to LTE automatically, meaning instead of watching dinosaurs jump over a cactus, you can keep moving without losing signal. Better yet, major outages are usually caused by damaged lines (or, in SA, someone on a copper hunt or an overly zealous man with a jackhammer), meaning wireless failover won’t be affected by similar external issues.

Like Batman needs Robin, or Captain America needs looser pants, your business needs a Failover Solution to keep it in the game when worst comes to worst. You may not always use it, you may not even know it’s there, but for all intents and purposes, an LTE Failover is both the hero you want AND the hero you deserve.