Customer-centricity at the core of BC Xpress accounting solution

Building on the purely template-driven, rapid deployment approach that has become commonplace in the market, Braintree (the consulting and integration division of Vox) has introduced BC Xpress, a pre-configured, cloud-based accounting system that is designed with customer-centricity at its core.

Targeting small and medium businesses requiring a cost-effective and customised Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment, Braintree BC Xpress is available through a monthly subscription that includes additional support and business intelligence functionality.

“While BC Xpress incorporates rapid deployment, our focus on customer-centricity is something that is lacking in other template-based solutions available today. Braintree is a proudly South African company with more than 25 years’ experience as a Microsoft Gold partner ensuring the organisation has a unique understanding of what local small and medium businesses are looking for from their ERP solutions,” says Neville Levinthal, Head of Business Development at Braintree.

New deployments often start with the basics with companies not realising the full potential of the system they now have in place.

They tend to focus on just keeping the system running to do the fundamentals of what is required.

“However, once the initial ‘new car’ feel of the solution wears off, we come in to assist and tailor the offering even further. Braintree believes it is about building a ubiquitous customer experience for an integrated value proposition. With BC Xpress, ERP is now reinvented for the digital age,” says Levinthal.

The challenging economic environment means cash flow is tight for many SMBs who cannot invest upfront for new deployments. BC Xpress is available on an affordable monthly subscription basis with only R10 000 needed for provisioning fees. This makes the power and innovation of an enterprise-level solution like D365 Business Central accessible to more organisations across industry sectors.

While the issue of cost is addressed through this subscription model, many smaller companies are also concerned about incident support. Typically, there would be a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place where a company will invest in a certain number of support hours per month, regardless of whether they use it or not.

“Braintree has taken a fundamentally different approach. To this end, 12 support incidents are included in the monthly subscription price which companies can use as they see fit over the 24-month contract period. So, whether it takes five minutes, five hours, or five days to resolve an issue, we work on an incident until it is fixed. There is also the option of purchasing additional support should that be required,” adds Levinthal.

Another differentiator of BC Xpress is that Braintree has also included business intelligence in the offering. This means that the SMB customer will also receive a Microsoft Power BI licence and a free two-day training course with Braintree for one candidate as part of the solution.

“Braintree looks holistically at the customer experience. Cloud-based accounting systems are an essential part of the modern business. But if a customer needs to restore data then it invariably entails a complex process with the service provider. BC Xpress includes 250GB of independent backup meaning the customer is in full control of the restoration process. It comes down to giving our customers everything they are looking for from both technology, business continuity, cost, and accessibility.”