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Do you have an independent loved one capable of living on their own but can’t seem to shake those nagging ‘what ifs’ should anything happen when you’re not around? Vox I.C.E is the answer.

They’re happy, independent and don’t want to be a bother. You know you can’t be there 24/7, but you also need constant reassurance that everything is A-OK for your own peace of mind. Well, technology has come to the party to bridge this gap with an affordable, ambient monitoring solution. It’s Vox I.C.E (In Case of Emergency) and it helps provide care, without compromise.

It’s non-invasive

IoT (Internet of Things) and monitoring technology all tends to sound a little bit too science fiction-like sometimes, but this solution is anything but.

Vox I.C.E consists of sensors easily placed throughout the home to detect general movement and whether important doors are left open or closed.

These sensors detect movement only, so there’s no need for either party to worry they might be crossing boundaries – like you might with cameras or voice-activated devices.

Once the sensors are activated, they send this information through an IoT network to our Vox I.C.E. platform where an algorithm works magically in the background to analyse this data. The algorithm ‘learns’ the normal day-to-day behaviour of your loved one, you’ll be able to configure the app to send alerts for anything you might need to worry about.

If they’re prone to sleeping in, then that’s what the I.C.E app will record as normal behaviour without any alarms being raised. Those late evening TV binge sessions? That’s normal too. No one needs to adjust their lifestyles in any way with Vox I.C.E – it just acts as an early warning if there are any abnormal changes to their routine.

As incredible as this algorithm may be, for the moment it can’t distinguish the movement and behaviour of more than one person at a time and that’s why Vox I.C.E is only suited for anyone living alone in need of a little extra support and backup.

It’s low maintenance

If you’re wearing a smart monitoring watch right now, you’ll know how much monitoring technology can improve and enhance your well-being. The great thing about Vox I.C.E is that once it’s up and running, your loved one doesn’t have to worry about it at all.

There’s no device for them to ‘forget’ to wear or recharge. There’s no need for them to wear a clunky, cowbell-like object around their neck either.

All you need to do is remove the motion sensors from the boxes, insert standard AA Lithium batteries in each one and place them where needed. You’ll barely even notice they’re there. We also have a detailed User Guide available as backup if you run into any installation issues. Did we mention the batteries can last up to two years before they need changing?

It takes the algorithm a few days to gather enough data to work with, but once it has, you’ll receive insight into everything from your loved one’s sleeping patterns and movement to and from home to their room temperature in easy-to-understand graphs and dashboards, without having to nag.

You’ll also have access to the data gathered on the Vox I.C.E app from wherever you are, on any connected device of your choice.

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It won’t deplete your data

This is because Vox I.C.E connects automatically to the made-for-purpose Sigfox Network. This is where your devices send all the information they gather, so there’s no need to worry about the solution creating eye-watering data bills while it monitors your loved one 24/7.

You don’t even have to configure them yourself – like we said, it’s low maintenance in the best way. Setting up your profile and downloading the app are a breeze too. The only time you’ll need to use data of your own is when you check the app on your device.

Vox I.C.E will never be a replacement for personal care, but it does offer an additional layer of constant support with an emergency backup plan that allows both of you to live your best lives.