Cloud vendors are pressurising you to move to the cloud. What they’ve failed to mention is that 60% of the South African market will retain all, or a portion of their infrastructure onsite.

No Cloud migration should be a quick move. A smooth migration to the Cloud requires detailed planning and a careful analysis of your current environment. Critical to this process is ensuring that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Managed Service deliverables are aligned whether your infrastructure is onsite or in a third-party data centre.

Then there’s understanding what the ROI is when migrating to the Cloud. With a number of cloud vendors offering capacity on demand, the risk of costs spiraling out of . For instance, a developer can spin up a test server and forget to turn it off once he/she is finished. This will result in a continuation of instant billing.

The Vox starting point to every Cloud engagement is a full Cloud assessment. This 4-step process entails:

  1. Mapping infrastructure footprint, applications, network topology and analysing all workloads & performance stats in a customer’s IT environment. This will give insight into the total IT infrastructure of the customer.
  2. Recommendations on optimising paths for workloads and determining the best Cloud service model.
  3. A complete cost comparison between on-premises, Cloud and hybrid solutions.
  4. A Cloud migration strategy and plan, including ongoing management of that Cloud solution with a single set of deliverables irrespective of whether infrastructure is onsite or in the Cloud.

To truly understand how to start and manage your Cloud journey, mail to book an IT assessment today.