Are you cloud-ready? Take this quick self-assessment and find out

Not all workloads are born equal. A Cloud Readiness Assessment will give you the tools needed to start your cloud journey.

We believe cloud computing is strategic for every business, regardless of size. With the right adoption strategy in place, not only can cloud computing solve a multitude of problems you might be facing now, but it also allows you to make almost any of your future business goals a reality too.

Understanding your future business goals is what ultimately forms the foundation of a successful cloud adoption strategy.

The Nymbis Approach to Cloud Readiness

Our engagement methodology typically begins with our pre-sales engineers, solutions architects and specialists spending time understanding your business’ objectives, challenges and technology adoption road maps.

We have an interactive approach that includes a software-led assessment of our customers’ infrastructure and production environments. Through this data acquisition and reporting, we validate recommendations to overcome challenges, write down technical debt and improve operating efficiencies.

Nymbis provides a free Cloud Readiness Assessment option as well as a more detailed, paid for software-led assessment process. Both of these give us the opportunity to interpret the data provided, yielding insight into commercial, operational and technical efficiencies needed to build cloud solutions that simply work.

We view our engagements as opportunities to collaborate, share industry and technical knowledge and develop solutions that optimise and improve your business operations and outcomes.

The reports also provide tools to identify areas for development and change, as well as the steps needed to adopt cloud technology easily and within budget.

How Ready Are You for The Cloud?

According to our research, 82% of our customers are planning on moving some, or all, of their current solutions to the cloud. Unfortunately, as VMware reports, 30% of cloud migrations fail due to incorrect scoping.

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment process is designed to eliminate this possibility.

First, we take a look at what’s currently being utilised on your server infrastructure. This allows us to set a benchmark for the actual resource costing. From there, we look at the savings opportunities available when it comes to hosting on-premises versus in the cloud as well what environments might be needed in the future, based on your business goals.

As your cloud migration journey and solution design will always be unique to your business, it should begin with the right partner. Having a clear understanding of what to prioritise and how to migrate will ensure success in the cloud.

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