The world has long since gone digital – and we’re firmly into the next stage of our business and personal evolution. Which next phase, you ask? Well, with this shift to remote working, applications, accessibility, and a need for complete flexibility comes a need for solutions which allow for such requirements. Enter Cloud (although it’s been around for a fair while) – which is simultaneously the now and the later of remote and hybrid environments.

At any given point, individuals interact with Cloud based solutions on an almost daily basis. Data storage, Email, mobile applications, and GPS tools such as Waze all base their accessibility around Cloud compatibility. From a business standpoint, however, things can get a bit stickier – there’s a migration process which needs to happen, which can be a bit tricky if not done correctly.

It is exactly these challenges which can be off putting for businesses even contemplating moving to the Cloud, and exactly the reason the concept is still met with initial trepidation. Some of the most common issues we encounter from organisations experiencing this trepidation include:

  • Limited understanding of how and when to transfer apps, workloads and the infrastructure which underpins this migration – this is largely due to the complexity of the process.
  • A distinct lack of specialist Cloud expertise and resources – which makes the sourcing of skilled technicians challenging. Many brands lack the personnel or resources required to facilitate such a transition painlessly.
  • Many brands also struggle with selecting the correct service providers or applications. This is often not clear cut, with the lack of clarity making simplification and consolidation a challenge.
  • The cost implications can prove insurmountable. Many existing structures are often a complicated blend of services and data – making this migration (or at least the costing thereof) can be very off-putting for potential migrators.

So… what’s step one?

If your organisation is seeking a Cloud Migration, you should be aware that pre-migration planning is almost as critical as the actual implementation itself.

As such, your Cloud Readiness Assessment is an essential first step, one which can provide a firm, solid, and reliable foundation from which to build on. This process involves a full assessment of your applications and Data – before we move them, we need to establish if they can be moved – as well as calculating a way to do so with minimal impact on your business operations. Said assessments further allow your brand to understand what elements need to be in place so as to make this migration seamless.

With Nymbis, our Cloud Readiness Assessment allows the user to pinpoint directions for their Cloud journey. In doing so, our team of experts are able to advise you on the best adoption and transformation strategies – allow you to unlock maximised benefits for your organisation.

What does it entail?

The aforementioned assessment services focus on guiding you, our customer, towards technology modernisation, rationalisation, remediation, and migration to a Cloud Platform.

Through assisting your brand in establishing a Cloud Adoption maturity baseline, your business can then better identify the potential scope of these changes. It’s no small feat either – as this migration will essentially take your current portfolio and wholly digitise it, so businesses need to be fully prepared and ready to make the jump. Where do our team come in? Glad you asked…

  • We identify the workloads best suited for your Cloud transformation, which in turn enables your organisation to maximise your ROI.
  • We also develop a roadmap with clearly defined goals, so as to ensure a smooth and successful transition during this journey.
  • Furthermore, we deliver a comprehensive Cloud computing migration plan, designed to align your journey with specific business requirements unique to you.

We believe that a comprehensively strategized and well implemented Cloud Readiness Assessment is key to ensuring your transition is painless, cost-effective and doesn’t limit your current business operations. Let our team of experts guide and advise you further completely free of charge. To sign up for a free Cloud Readiness Assessment, simply visit (insert link) and sign up today.