Thanks to Azure KickStart, Braintree is perfectly positioned to provide a cloud-adoption journey unique to your business needs.

As incredible and increasingly necessary as migrating your business assets to the cloud may be, there is no one-size-fits-all adoption solution for businesses to follow. Your cloud migration journey will always be unique to your business. It will be defined by your motivations for the move as well as your business goals for the future. And that’s where Braintree, and Azure KickStart, comes in.

Downscale your office, grow your business

Braintree, a Microsoft technology and software partner, artfully combines technology, people and processes.

As Chris Badenhorst, Strategic Head of Azure at Braintree, explains, “We know the cloud looks like a scary place but Azure KickStart was designed with you, the customer, in mind. Azure KickStart will guide you in a gradual adoption of cloud services to take your business to the next level.”

Getting started

Your motivations for the move may include everything from needing remote access to data anywhere, at any time, to saving costs and increasing productivity. While these aspects are important for every business, Braintree’s Azure KickStart will identify the ones most important to your business, both now and in the future.

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After an initial assessment, Braintree will be able to gauge your readiness to move to the cloud. Azure KickStart offers the possibility of moving everything, from your servers and databases to virtual desktops and web apps, to the cloud at a pace that suits you.

The Azure KickStart migration programme makes this process as easy as possible with best practice guidance and the right mix of expertise.

You’ll also be able to track the progress of your migration journey with personalised assessment tools and recommendations.

Making the move

Azure KickStart will allow you to migrate your essential business information from costly onsite servers, prone to hardware failures, to a secure and scalable virtual data centre. In addition to offering a sustainable, energy-efficient means of operating your business, Azure KickStart also provides further cost-saving opportunities with its Windows and SQL Servers.

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Azure KickStart also offers various tools for managing your cloud budget and usage, allowing you to forecast costing while optimising your workloads for maximum productivity. Braintree will be able to identify underused resources as well as allocate and de-allocate resources to match your productivity needs and cost management.

Staying secure

Security is assured at every stage of your journey to the cloud thanks to Microsoft’s multi-layered security across data centres, infrastructure, and operations. Azure has spent over a billion dollars on security research and development to date, and there are over 3500 security experts constantly monitoring the safety of your data.

While it may have moved into the cloud, with Azure KickStart, you can be sure your data will always remain your own. Your business information will also be protected by Azure KickStart’s core privacy principle, ensuring your data will never be used for marketing or advertising purposes.

With Azure KickStart, Braintree offers your business the ability to adapt to the current work environment with ease while also making sure your business is perfectly positioned to handle whatever the future may throw at it.

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