As we navigate through this journey called life, you may notice it’s pretty stressful.

Now, back in the day (and by that we mean 2019), a break could mean anything from a fishing trip to a spa or, if you really felt like cutting loose, a night of drinks, music and friends. Things have changed and, as a result, we’ve seen an increase in alternative ways of escapism.

Well, we’re proud to introduce you to Vox Gaming, which lets you do all the things you feel like doing but can’t because Uncle Cyril grounded the nation.

Feel like fishing or taking control of Man United? What about saving the president or jumping out a plane? Does this whole pandemic remind you of Zombies and require some real action, or are you just frustrated and seeking pure, unadulterated chaos in whichever open world RPG does it best for you? Imagine a universe where you can be the best footballer in the world and a master assassin in the space of an hour. A world where you can fly, drive or shoot anything you wanted. A world where lockdown and curfew genuinely didn’t exist, and where your superheroes aren’t just real- they’re you.

Enter the world of Gaming.

In fact, you wouldn’t be the only one to do so, as studies indicate that as of 2020 there are an estimated 2.7 billion gamers worldwide- the highest number in human history. With an average age of 34, it’s interesting to note that this constitutes both kids and grown-ups accordingly.

A common misconception, however, is that gaming is only for “serious” gamers. The words “noob” and tales of pro-players destroying all challengers are greatly exaggerated. Yes, there is a competitive element should you wish to partake in it, but gaming has never lost its purity in that all it takes to enjoy is a console, the right game, and some free time. Young, old, it’s all good- pick up and play is a thing of the present.

And, for those of you who know you’ll be greeted with eyerolls at the suggestion of a new console (“you’re too old! Grow up!”), here’s some facts to back up your motivation:

  • Studies have shown that not only do action games enhance attention spans, they assist with language learning and decision making.
  • Gaming in general has been scientifically proven to overcome bias and cognitive dissonance.
  • Again, studies have shown that regular gameplay can improve overall mental health and have an uplifting effect on moods.
  • More studies (people have really investigated this) indicate that gaming has a positive impact on both cognitive and social skills.
  • Gaming has also been proven to assist with the following:
  • Foundation Skills: achievement drive, self-awareness, critical thinking and self-confidence.
  • Performance Skills: Perceptual, Motor, Attentional and Timing.
  • Problem Solving: Personal Development, Identity, Creativity, EQ and Self-Esteem.
  • Decision Making: Team Skills, Leadership, Communication, Cohesion and People Management.

(This is where you scream “yeah, science!”).

Look, we’re not saying that a new console will cure the blues, but we are saying that blowing off some steam is an essential part of dealing with today’s external world. And we speak from personal experience when we say that while the concept of gamers may scream spotted pre-teens and Fortnite, the reality is a mix of countries, ages and demographics combining in one of the few truly unbiased, free-to-join examples of multi-culturalism in the world.

However, the economic impact of the world we live in has created a similarly universal need to tighten belts and pinch pennies. In other words? Outright purchasing a console is, to many, an unattainable dream at this stage.

But does using one need to be?

Vox’s rental model aims to eradicate this issue altogether and make the possibility of gaming a reality for everyone. You don’t have to put out a massive capital outlay to partake in fun and relaxation. Gone are the days of kids wishing they had what their friends do or feeling left out on the playground as everyone talks about new releases. With our Xbox Rental options, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg buying something you only use occasionally. Instead, you can put that money to better use, settling only for a small monthly fee until you’re ready to upgrade, renew or move on to something else.

The magic of gaming is that anyone can enjoy it. Guys, girls, parents, even grandparents- there’s no age limit to who can have fun. And, with the Vox rental model, there’s no stressing about purchasing either. Just press play and you’re good to go.

It’s that simple- but isn’t that what gaming is all about?