Meeting spaces are a strategic element of collaboration. The design of venues and the equipment selected for collaboration, has a direct impact on employee productivity.

When considering the frequency of meetings and the growing need for collaborative workspaces to drive efficiency and speed decision-making, it is crucial to get the technology in a meeting venue right, from the get-go.

Join Andrew King, Senior Product Manager for Visual Communications, as he discusses How to turbo-charge meeting productivity with the Vox Collaborate in this Vox Webinar.

  1. Viewers will learn how they can enjoy up to 50% savings over traditional meeting room AV equipment when equipping a venue with a Vox Collaborate Room System.
  2. Viewers will get to understand why the Vox Collaborate is the best value and quality  Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) on the market.
  3. Viewers will learn how employee engagement and productivity are increased with the Vox Collaborate.
  4. Viewers will see key features of the Vox Collaborate demonstrated.

*Prices mentioned in this webinar are as of 23 August 2019 and are subject to change at any time.