A combination of cyber smarts and a comprehensive Endpoint security solution is the key to keeping safe from cybercrime.

Data. It’s such a small word for something considered one of the most valuable resources in the world. Let’s not kid, it’s not actually more valuable than oil, but it’s pretty important all the same. And yet, our data is at risk every day in increasingly elaborate ways while most of us continue to ignore the threats until they literally become our problem.

The connected devices we use and truly rely on to function in the 21st century continue to be the easiest targets for cyberattacks – whether it’s your laptop, tablet, smart phone or watch. Sadly, the reason is mostly down to us – the end-users.

We are the weakest link

With work from home now becoming the norm, increasing our awareness around cybersecurity and the presence of online threats is more important than ever. We’re not only responsible for the integrity of our personal devices and data, but of the data and devices of the companies that employ us too.

From the email attachments we casually open to the websites we innocently browse and pop-ups we click on, the threat of cyberattack is ever-present and only growing more savvy.

And while we may try to stay vigilant, there’s only so much we can do, especially when we have so many connected devices – especially ones belonging to our kids – to worry about at the same time.

Know your (fiercest) Endpoint enemies

Just when it seems safe to enter the Internet waters, a new threat inevitably emerges. With hackers taking advantage of everyone’s fear and panic during the height of COVID-19, ransomware attacks reportedly rose by 148% globally in March last year. Mostly targeted at companies, ransomware is a type of malware (malicious software) that hijacks a network’s data/files and denies its users access until a ransom is paid.

Malware in general continues to be the most worrisome form of cyberattack for home users, as most of us won’t even be aware our computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets are infected until it’s too late – your device is ruined or your data is breached, all with a simple click on the wrong link. With the rise in mobile banking, smartphones are particularly vulnerable to malware attacks as they’re one of the last devices we often consider protecting.

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You can mitigate your risk by making sure your operating system is continuously updated and you’re not opening or downloading anything from an unknown source, but ultimately, the best defence will always include an Endpoint security solution – which literally means protecting your all devices/endpoints from malicious attacks, as any device connected to your network is an Endpoint.

Do it all in one

While you can hopefully rely on your company to have put Endpoint security protocols in place to protect their network integrity from afar (if not, tell them to check out our Cybersecurity Portal or IT Security Toolbox ), when it comes to the multitude of devices you have at home, it’s possible to simplify the threat of multiple types of attacks on various devices with a single solution.

Our Endpoint Security solutions not only include anti-virus and anti-ransomware, data encryption and parental controls, it can cover a range of connected devices in your home simultaneously, providing comprehensive protection for your PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone as well as your gaming console. Don’t you feel safer already?