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They’re compact, powerful and they allow us to work from almost anywhere. In this new hybrid work era, it pays to embrace Laptop Rentals.

It’s weird to imagine a time before the laptop. Officially, the tech has been around for more than 30 years, but they’ve really come into their own in the last 10. Obviously, the last two- and a-bit years of various lockdown restrictions have not only emphasised the necessity of portable computing but opened the door to the beauty of the hybrid work model. Allowing most employees to work in the environments that suit them best. Whether that’s in an office, at home, on the road or all three.

The Dawn of Devices as a Service

The benefits of hybrid work are immense, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t include a few challenges. Yes, they’re portable, but laptops can also be expensive to purchase outright, not to mention maintain and upgrade. Yet, when you need everyone to stay connected and productive in a hybrid work environment, laptops really are the perfect device for bridging the gap between flexibility and professionalism.

More than just your average rental agreement, DaaS (Devices as a Service) or, as we call it, Laptop Rentals, is as much about equipping employees with the latest tech as ensuring everyone has access to the resources needed to stay productive. This includes everything from having IT experts on hand troubleshooting software issues, to installing the necessary cybersecurity protocols and even replacing faulty devices outright, if needed.

Here, it’s critical to have the right hardware, software and connectivity in place to properly assess any problems that may arise.

Laptop Rentals offers companies access to the latest must-have tech without the worry of also having to fork out huge capital expenditure on depreciating assets. At Qwerti, we also offer the ability to scale up or down as needed with a choice of flexible contract options. Allowing you to upgrade with ease when the time comes for that inevitable tech re-fresh.

Where Laptops are Going Next

That’s right – laptops are only getting better.

Already worlds away from its predecessors, the laptops of 2022 and beyond are thinner, faster and mega-efficient. With Microsoft planning on discontinuing all support and upgrades for Windows 10 by 2025, there’s already a push to embrace the newly released Windows 11 operating system. But here’s the catch, it won’t run on laptops Generation 7 or below.

Not only will Qwerti Laptop Rentals save you from having to supply new hardware at huge cost, the question of how to dispose of all of that obsolete tech is taken care of too as we’ll retrieve and repurpose those devices.

Laptops are only going to become more specialised and built to meet the needs of various industries like video editing, gaming and even AI (Artificial Intelligence). This, combined with innovations in cloud computing and desktop virtualisation, means that the future of laptops as a go-to business machine remains assured.

The possibilities are endless – and that’s why we’d like to help you take the guesswork out of having to plan your future IT hardware and tech support needs by supplying you with the laptops you need, when you need them.