Ah, Archiving.

It may sound like a shoe store in Sandton or evoke memories of those pictures in your gallery you didn’t want anyone to see (you know the ones), but in the context of Vox, it’s a lot more PG (or at least we hope so).

You see, contrary to popular belief, we at Vox offer a variety of services that don’t just include Home and Business Wi-Fi you can complain about on Twitter. You’ve probably heard of some of them; from Cyber Security to Cloud solutions, to that Weather channel you doubted at first but grew on you after the first episode. Another one of these, which gets less spotlight than the rest, is Archiving – which is why we’re here today.

At first glance, the topic of Archiving seemed as entertaining as one of our “Family Meetings” – so much so that this author needed four coffee breaks, one trip to the Archive store (for research purposes) and a quick browse through Takealot (as well as a prayer that their boss doesn’t read this) while writing the intro alone.

Surprisingly, however, a little bit of research goes a long way (who would have thought?) and, upon finding out more, we realised that Vox Archiving is actually pretty cool.

In a nutshell, Vox Archiving provides an easy path to affordable Cloud Storage.

Remember those annoying “no storage space” messages you’d get which forced you to delete 1 000 selfies with the dog filter only to free up 1MB? Imagine having to do that for your business files. Sounds about as fun as being a contestant in Squid Game – except, you know, there’s no quick ending.

Storing your Data can be expensive, and finding the time to Archive it can be similarly disruptive (as well as drive a poor intern to the brink of sanity). When done correctly, however, tiering and archiving your information can save you up to 70% on storage, backup and Data Recovery costs.

Vox Archiving means your business can store your valuable info in a secure, practical manner that allows you to know what’s cutting. It also means no costly licenses (or SABC ads reminding you to pay them), no disruption, no changes to users and access as well as no hardware to deploy. We analyse, we move, we manage your file or object Data at scale and in the process save you money. It’s like buying a Bat-cave. And Alfred. And then some.

Okay, cool pitch, but why should I or my business care?

Actually, there are an abundance of reasons, from the ability to upgrade your filing system from those used pre-Cold War to one more relevant to businesses this side of the century. But, in case that’s not enough, here are four practical reasons your business should consider Archiving.

  1. Can I speak to the Management?

Easy there, Karen, not that kind of management. We’re talking the ability to analyse, move and store your Data at scale while cutting up to 70% of your storage and backup costs. So rather than having to “speak to the manager” every time you can’t find a file, you can circumvent the process altogether and just find what you need, when you need it.

  1. More Mobile than a Gupta with a tender

In the current Hybrid world, the importance of accessing your Data any time can’t be underestimatedYou can migrate, archive (naturally), tier and move the right Data to the correct (and affordable) storage solution at exactly the right time.

  1. Is there an Archive in your glasses? Coz you’re Insight.

Get insights on Petabytes (yes, that’s a thing) of Data to make smarter investment decisions (Ka-Ching). Know your Data before you buy more storage, backup or Cloud infrastructure – meaning you don’t need to waste money on resources you don’t need right now (did someone say, “Christmas Bonus?”)

  1. Leave the disruptions to Eskom.

Unlike everyone’s favourite service provider, Vox Archiving is designed to not stop your business in its tracks. You can tier “cold” Data to our Vox Cloud Storage without interrupting user access and, unlike other providers, there are no additional costs when downloading these files from the Vox Cloud.

Essentially, if your business needs to store its valuable information without investing in a safe room and an ADT guard to sleep during his night shift, Archiving is a solution for you. It’s an inexpensive way to use the Cloud to keep, access and manage all your Data without stressing about finding more room. Not only is it fully redundant, but we also keep two copies in case of disaster while being ISO27001 compliant (no, that’s not a brand of Terminator). Our audits (unlike your accounting firm) will provide you with the perfect solution for you, you need no third-party tools to access your information and, if the Apocalypse does happen in the near future, you can at least know your business information is safely stored.

Now, if only we could invest in bunkers…