Ask a business owner, any business owner, about the challenges they face when running their entity, and chances are you’ll receive a list more comprehensive than the Vatican Archives.

Between budgets, resources, staff, expenses, customer services and, and, and… it’s a long, challenging job, one which requires so much meticulous attention to detail that it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. As such, it can be near impossible to successfully run a business whilst simultaneously keeping an eye on everything at once – why is why regularly conductive assessments are necessary to point out where your immediate attention needs to be.

But, first things first – are we being dramatic, or do all businesses genuinely need Assessments?

The short answer is a definitive yes, as you can’t know where you’re going until you first establish where you are.

Done correctly, an Assessment is an opportunity to understand your business by identifying it’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Said Assessment can, in turn, create a solid foundation for  growth and allow you to  strategize and refine your approach accordingly.

In fact, we’d go a step further and argue that in order to drive business growth, profitability and customer loyalty, regular  Assessments are mandatory. We aren’t just talking about evaluating your performance metrics and points of difference either – but rather a systemic unpacking of your programmes, software, security, and digital infrastructure to ensure your business adheres to IT best practice. If done correctly, your business may objectively understand where gaps have been formed (both internally and externally) whilst providing you with a framework from which to repair them. This, in turn, allows for a seamless transition from where your organisation currently is to where you’d like it to be.

Enter Assessments by Vox, your gateway to unlocking your businesses true potential…

Our Assessment Portfolio has been systemically designed to help you identify areas of concern whilst providing you with a framework from which to improve. Within said portfolio, each entity further presents a wide array of evaluations which our team of experts are capable of conducting –providing the perfect platform from which to build towards future success. Our range of Assessments are vast, comprehensive and encompasses a variety of virtual, digital, hardware and software related components to ensure no stone is left unturned in our mission to optimise your business potential.

The Portfolio in Question? Glad you asked…Customer Assessments 120722 Op2 | Vox | Let's talk... Assessments

As can be seen above, our range of Free Assessments are designed to focus on a plethora of potential business weak points, so as to encompass the full spectrum of your possible needs. From basic Cyber Security to Firewall, Cloud and Network Assessments to the more in-depth software related issues such as Microsoft and Azure Management, our team of experts are capable of truly unlocking multiple levels of your brands potential risk areas.

Many of the above points are areas which tend to be overlooked, but each play a vital role in determining the success of various business functions. You may not consider Firewall Security a high-priority factor, but did you know that South Africa is the third most targeted country in the world in terms of Cyber Crimes? Or that correct Cloud Cost Management can in fact save your business thousands of Rands every month? Let our team tell you how you may need help before offering a solution tailor made for you – because what good is figuring out what’s wrong without knowing how to fix it?

The best part? These assessments above arecompletely free of charge – all you need to do is reach out and let our team of experts take it from there. There are, however, more comprehensive Paid counterparts – which you can similarly find below:

Customer Assessments 120722 Op1 | Vox | Let's talk... Assessments

We believe that, for any organisation to thrive, transparent communication and collaboration is essential – which is why our Assessments team provides  your business with a platform for consultation.

Rather than pushing blanket solutions which may not be 100% right for your unique needs, we’d prefer to look at your business and understand where you need help before advising you further – so let’s start the conversation and open the door to maximizing your business potential. We repeat: the importance of correctly conducted Assessments cannot be overstated enough, as these are truly your gateway to maximizing and unlocking your full  potential. As you can see, our range of  Assessments are comprehensive and cover all potential painpoints – ensuring that no matter your need, potential vulnerabilities, or areas of improvement, we have a solution and a team of experts willing to provide you with the required guidance.

Interested in hearing more?  Join us on 3 August 2022 at 11h00 for an informative session where we unpack what we can offer your business with our comprehensive free assessment range as illustrated above.

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