Running a business in 2022 is a lot like having kids – it needs attention, protection, requires lots of hard work and doesn’t come cheap. It’s worth it, of that there’s no doubt, but take your eye off the prize or drop the ball for a split second and it can come back to haunt you later.

Much like you would never compromise the safety or wellbeing of your loved ones and the things that matter most, your business needs deserve a similar treatment. After all, you’ve devoted your love, effort, blood sweat and tears towards creating, maintaining, and growing this wonderful venture – so why should you risk it all in a second or allow it to be abused by people with ill intentions?

Let’s talk Microsoft365 Business Premium – your gateway to raising your business Security Posture.

Simply put, M365 Business Premium is a comprehensive offering for small to mid-sized businesses alike. Primarily, this serves to offer you and your brand a wide array of office productivity tools designed to enhance your business functions. However, it doesn’t end there, as the software takes it one step further to present comprehensive security and management functions within a singular cost-effective package.

Not only do you grant your organisation access to a wealth of international-grade tools conducive for growth and efficiency, but you also ensure that in terms of safety, security and reliability, your brand is never left wanting.

So, what does it really do?

Whilst many of the benefits are so all-encompassing, they can be quite intangible in nature, there are a few key primary functions which M365 Business Premium focuses on so as to guarantee the future safety of your business, namely…

  • Regulation + Prevention of Unauthorised Access to Work Data:

The software allows users to apply advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Conditional Access policies. These serve to ensure that access to work Data is reserved only for authorised users (save the right access for the right people!) without infringing on accessibility for those who do warrant it. Internally, your employees can securely access Data anytime, anywhere – but only if they’re meant to.

  • Protection from Phishing Attacks:

M365 Business Premium comes standard with Microsoft Defender installed. The result? Added protection against Phishing attacks. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  1. Time of click protection against malicious links – said links are checked in real-time to warn users if the destination is malicious via Safe Links.
  2. URL Detonation – When a user clicks on a URL in an email message or in an Office file, the link is checked by Defender Safe Links and is identified as blocked, malicious, or safe before opening the website
  3. Anti-Spoofing Technology – AI-powered Anti-Phishing Intelligence helps protect against impersonation and spoofing with Anti-Phishing
  4. Multi-Factor authentication – if the password is lost or stolen, attackers can’t access your Email or Data as a second form of authentication (pin or Microsoft authenticator) is required.
  • Data Loss and Breach Protection:

Furthermore, the software offers advanced capabilities, such as Data Loss Prevention and Azure Information Protection. These combine to assist with the classification and protection of sensitive Data (such as customer/employee information, confidential Data, social security, and credit card numbers). Your business info is priceless – and this ensures that even if it is compromised, all is far from lost.

  • Security for Work Data on Personal Devices:

With Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you can set up Intune App Protection Policies, so that work apps can be separated from personal apps. This serves to ensure that work documents and attachments are only saved on authorised workshares such as OneDrive for Business – thereby safeguarding sensitive work information.

All in all, this is a resource which should (and will) prove invaluable to your business protection and growth. Statistically, South Africa is the third most targeted country in the world in terms of Cyber Attacks. One attack, one vulnerability or one weak point is often all it takes for those with malicious intent to destroy a lifetime worth of work – don’t let your business be another statistic. We may not be able to wholly solve Cyber Crimes, but you can take the precautions required to combat it.

Explore a world of endless possibilities and guaranteed enhanced security with M365 Business Premium. You, your employees and the future of your organisation will thank us.