This July, ARMATA is making a Mimecast M3RA offer you really can’t afford to refuse 

If there’s one thing that every business has in common, it’s that they all use email. Every business, of every size, small, medium and enterprise, fields hundreds or thousands of emails every day. It’s no surprise, given this information overload, that 90% of cyber-attacks can be traced back to a phishing mail. I’ll save the lecture on dodgy passwords for another time.

According to Mimecast’s sixth annual State of Email Security report, 2021 can be considered one of the worst years for cybersecurity globally. Phishing is listed as the biggest culprit for the rise in cybercrime, resulting in at least 36% of data breaches, with stolen employee credentials and 96% of phishing attacks occurring via email.

As much as we should all know by now not to click that link or open that attachment, phishing emails are the most effective means of gaining unauthorised access to servers, stealing info and infecting systems with malware.

Ultimately, your cybersecurity solution is only as strong as its weakest link. And that’s always going to be email.

Take Cover with ARMATA and Mimecast M3RA

Now, more than ever, we all rely on digital forms of communication to get the job done. As much as we’ve learned from 2020 and those early, chaotic months of remote work, it seems cybercriminals have upped their game as hybrid work becomes the norm. For most companies, the threat of an email-borne attack is not so much an ‘if’ anymore as a ‘when’.

Luckily, with the right email security protocols in place, the fallout from these attacks can be drastically cut down – to almost zero. Instead of dealing with the possibility of millions of rands lost in revenue and reputational damage from a single data breach, companies, employees and customers can rest assured knowing sensitive data is kept safe and secure by every means necessary.

Especially if it’s with Mimecast M3RA.

The cloud-based email protection software offers every defence against email threats, including a secure email gateway and everything from URL, attachment and impersonation protection to archiving and mailbox continuity as well as a 99 year retention period with sync and recover.

Which means, if you have a breach and your email history is held ransom, with Mimecast M3RA, all is not lost.

But Wait, There’s More

In the same way the most robust, resilient security gate in the world can immediately be rendered useless when we open it to strangers, so too is your incredible email security solution. You can have every protocol perfectly in place and still find yourself at the mercy of a threat actor if you click the wrong link, open the wrong attachment or accidentally share sensitive information with the wrong person.

Honestly, 90% of the time, when it comes to cyber-attacks, an avoidable user error is usually to blame.

It’s tough to keep up with the tricks and scams out there, and that’s why Mimecast also offers comprehensive user AT1 (Awareness Training). With AT1 in place, users will not only learn about the dangers hiding behind each click, but they’ll be empowered to learn more through fun, interactive tutorials that simulate real-life (but de-weaponised) phishing attacks in real time. This controlled ‘show, don’t tell’ approach allows users to become actively involved in keeping the company safe from cyber harm.

For July, ARMATA is offering both Mimecast M3RA and AT1 packaged together for just R125 per user, per month – that’s a R20 saving per user from our regular price. From August onwards, this incredible pairing remains a bargain at R130 per user, per month. Allowing you to take cover inside and out.