Rise FM Interview with Mayleen Bywater on Email Security
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The lockdown has highlighted the importance of cybersecurity as an integrated business process especially given the normalisation of remote working. But while the focus has been on safeguarding employee devices, email security has fallen by the wayside. And yet, 95% of cyberattacks leverage email as an entry point into organisational back-end systems.

Perhaps even more concerning is that last year 94% of malware was delivered by email. Fast forward to the present and the dynamic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic mean organisations can ill afford to neglect one of the most fundamental elements of their business. But email defence entails more than just installing an anti-virus or firewall. It centres on increasing the business resilience against all forms of malware while still delivering business continuity and disaster recovery should the worst happen.

Listen to Mayleen Bywater, Senior Product Manager for Email & SMS at Vox, as she talks about email security and tips that organisations can implement, such as:

  • How to proactively protect your business from phishing and spam
  • How mail management services can gear your business for POPIA compliance
  • How technology can assist in preventing human error when it comes to email security
  • Provide a 360-degree view on how to store and manage your data
  • And other hints and tips, such as using strong passwords, changing passwords regularly and ensuring that you have an effective email security protection solution.